Dancehall Stars Skeng and Mavado Show Each Other Love In Trinidad

Skeng, Mavado

Dancehall stars Skeng and Mavado link up in Trinidad and show each other love.

Skeng and Mavado have linked up with the senior artist sharing that he was impressed by Skeng’s music and that he loved the work of the younger one. The artists’ appearance together has caused fans to call for a collaboration between the Gully Gad and Skeng.

A now-viral video showed a rare sighting of Mavado as he shakes Skeng’s hand as they have a brief exchange at the airport while being surrounded by members of their respective teams.

“Mi love how ya deal wid it dawg,” Mavado tells the younger artist. “Me and you ago wull a reason enuh,” Skeng promises.

The artists are in Trinidad for the event ‘Life The Concert,’ which features Mavado and Skeng as headliners along with Nessa Preppy, Trinidad Killa, and other artists. The event is being held at Queen’s Park Savannah on Friday night, the night before Trinidad’s Republic Day Holiday.

Meanwhile, on social media, many welcomed the interaction between the two artists, especially since Skeng was very young, while others also called for a collaboration between the two artists.

“That’s how Dancehall ought to be, the old generals and young generals… #onehalladancehall#,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Skeng x Mavado collab wuda sick still,” another said. “Issa new skeng an mavado song soon enuh,” a third person said.

Mavado is currently living in the United States and has not been seen in Jamaica in recent times. In the meantime, the two artists each hold the distinction of being among the few artists to have collaborated with Nicki Minaj.

Skeng’s “Likkle Miss” was recently remixed by Nicki Minaj, while the rap queen also featured on Movado’s chat-topper “Give It All To Me,” which was released in 2014.