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Quando Rondo Denies Proposing To His 18-Year-Old Girlfriend, See Video

Quando Rondo

Quando Rondo has denied that he proposed to his 18-year-old girlfriend over the weekend in a sweet proposal that went viral.

The 23-year-old rapper is making the big decisions when it comes to life as he got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. Quando Rondo can be seen getting on his knee and holding his girlfriend’s hand while she sips from a soda cup. “It seems like forever I’ve waited on you, in a world of disappointment,” the rapper sings to the young woman.

“I’m about to pop the question,” he says to other persons in what looks like a kitchen before turning to his girlfriend and saying, “This is love, baby.”

The rapper might be young, but he has had brushes with death before, and it seems that he is trying to enjoy his life despite the negative things that have happened. Last month, the rapper survived a shooting that was speculated to be a planned attempt on his life.

The incident took place at a Los Angeles gas station, and while Quando escaped with his life, his friend Lul Pab was killed. An emotional Quando could be seen screaming in disbelief after the shooting. Since then, the rapper announced that he was dropping his flag, as he

In the meantime, many social media users reacted to the proposal, with some pointing out that he had put the ring on the wrong ring finger. The girl in the video also did not answer the “Give Me A Sign” rapper’s ‘will you marry me’ question, which was done after he popped the ring on her finger.

Others, however, have a bigger problem with the young woman’s age.

“Why she soo young dawg? Kinda creep,” One person said on Twitter. “Damn nothing fancy ?! No candle light..no beach..but a chair n a foam cup! It’s giving a vibe idk.”

“23 with a 17 year old?” another asked, while one added, “23 with a 17 y/o is wicked behavior.”

It’s unclear how long Quando and his girlfriend have been together, with some suggesting that they have been seeing each other while she was still attending high school. The rapper has not responded to the backlash. Perhaps it was that backlash from fans that prompted him to issue a statement denying that he is engaged.

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“No funny sh*t I was playing in that video I’m not getting married I’ll never get married it was just a joke that video months old,” he wrote.