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Nicki Minaj Put Garcelle Beauvais and Loni Love On Blast In Tweet Storm

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is clearing her chest as she drags both Garcelle Beauvais and Loni Love in a rant that began Sunday night.

Nicki Minaj seems to hold a grudge against Beauvais and Loni, who were the hosts on the now canceled daytime talk show, The Real, who interviewed Jennifer Hough, the woman who accused her husband Kenneth Petty of rape. Hough appeared on the show along with her lawyer Tyrone Blackburn and spoke with Beauvais and Adrienne Houghton about the impact of the assault on her life and her lawsuit against the Pettys, where she made grave accusations of them harassing her and offering her money to recant her testimony.

Last month, a video surfaced of Hough recanting her story as she spoke about how she pleaded with the judge and the District Attorney about Petty’s case that she had made a mistake. Minaj did not name Beauvais, but her statements about her being upset about hate comments directed at her 14-year-old son irked Minaj.

“They wanted ratings, and the next thing that happened to them, they were canceled,” Nicki said on her AMP radio show Queen Radio on Sunday.

Nicki directly addressed Beauvais as she raged at the top of her lungs at the Real Housewife reality star.

“And now, this lady is on one of the Real Housewives talking about, ‘leave my son alone! Don’t leave comments under my son’s page!” she began. “B****! If you can’t feel to stand the mother**** heat, get the f**** out of kitchen, b****.”

She then asked whether Beauvais thought about her own child, two-year-old Papa Bear. Beauvais’s husband had an affair during their marriage and later divorced in 2011. Nicki Minaj also took jabs at The Real head cook and bottle washer, Loni Love, as she mocked her weight gain. Loni Love, who refers to herself as Auntie Loni when talking to Minaj about her son Papa Bear has been vocal about her struggle with her weight.

“I can’t drag her by myself that’s for sure,” Minaj said about Loni after one of her fans tweeted, “I want somebody to drag Loni Love ass too, but hey, that’s just me.”


Neither Loni nor Beauvais have responded to Nicki Minaj.