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Kodak Black Claims NBA Youngboy’s Manager Stole His Tour Idea

NBA YoungBoy and Kodak BlackNBA YoungBoy and Kodak Black
NBA YoungBoy, Kodak Black

Kodak Black wants to have a word with NBA YoungBoy’s manager, Alex Junnier, as he is accusing him of borrowing his idea for a tour without permission.

The claim came from the rapper while recording an Instagram Live earlier this week. It seems he intentionally made the Live a few days after YoungBoy’s tour with Quando Rondo was announced. The tour, which is expected to cover at least 30 cities in the US, is set to begin in Chicago.

The location may have been well thought out by YoungBoy’s team since it’s the home base of the “Life Support” rapper’s rivals, Lil Durk and King Von, who was shot and killed following an altercation with Quando Rondo’s crew in November 2020.

The location of the first performance was not lost on Kodak Black, who said that he was the first to have the idea to make Chicago the first stop on tour. Kodak added that NBA YoungBoy’s manager used to hang with him and so he was well aware of his plan. Junnier was once Kodak’s manager, so his accusations may not be that far-fetched.

“They know that’s my type of sh*t. ‘Oh yeah, they can’t come here? First stop!’ … There could be smoke, but you ain’t finna tell a n***a he can’t come nowhere because I gotta pick up checks over here,” he added.

Of course, Kodak and YoungBoy Never Broke Again have been in a sort of cold war since 2017, with both taking indirect shots at each other. Things came to a boiling point recently when the “No Flockin” rapper called out his YoungBoy’s fans on Twitter. He called them irritating after they started posting “YB Better” comments and hashtags in all of his posts.

The Baton Rouge rapper hit back almost immediately with a veiled response as he posted, “Ps. you don’t like my fans I don’t like you ‘pu**y’ #TLS,” while promoting he was promoting the Last Slimeto album on Instagram. Again not a direct shot, but fans knew who the comment was geared towards.

With regards to Kodak’s claims, he may be referencing his 2019 Dying To Live Tour, which saw him hit 32 stages across the US as he promoted his album, which had the same name as the tour. His extensive tour started in New Orleans, which some fans interpreted as a message to NBA YoungBoy.

It’s sad to see the two still going at it as not too long ago, Kodak Black seemed to be a fan of the rapper as he even proposed that the pair do a joint tour which he felt they may have been able to get about twenty million for.

However, hip-hop fans know that this beef may drag on for some time.