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Quentin Miller Says Nicki Minaj Behind Meek Mill Attacking Him Over Drake Beef

Quentin Miller

Quentin Miller has been missing in action from the scene for a bit now, but he’s back, and the rapper is talking about some of the moments in his career, including the famous fight he had with Meek Mill.

Quentin Miller is close to Drake, but he somehow got wound up in a feud with Meek Mill in 2015, who claimed that he was Drake’s ghostwriter. At the time, Nicki Minaj was in a relationship with Meek Mill, and it seems that she had taken Meek’s side on things.

In a new interview, Quentin Miller claims Nicki instigated Meek and his Dreamchasers crew to beat him up and extract a video confession.

Nowadays, Nicki and Drake are great buddies, but it seems that while everyone is celebrating the latest Michael Jackson Video Vanguard recipient, at least Quentin recalls Minaj’s past behavior that many might have forgotten.

Drake and Nicki Minaj recently appeared together on the Young Money Reunion tour, where they performed alongside each other, and they even shared some lens time where they appeared to be at a great place with their friendship.

In a recent interview on Rory & Mal’s podcast, the artist and songwriter say that Meek Mill had cornered him when they fought, and everything appeared fine after they spoke.

“The man [Meek] said ‘get on camera and say you was lying, you wrote that sh*t’, and I said ‘nah’, you know what I’m saying,” he began.

“So with that situation, it’s so crazy bro, that day it was insane, so I’m about to go to HitBoy’s house but before I go I’m about to stop at the Nike store. I go to the Nike Store it was on Wiltshire at the time, I get out the Uber, Paparazzi is across the street, it’s just a bunch of paparazzi. I’m like ‘oh sh*t who is it’, me and Meek lock eyes. I just turned. I just go in the store. As I turn I saw one of them like [waving like yow yow] they come into the store… ‘aye yo what’s up man’ he says, ‘all this sh*t like you making me looking me look crazy whatever, and I’m like ‘bruh’…he’s like ‘I could tell you ain’t on no street sh*t. So I ain’t gon do nothing’ So I’m like, ‘Iight.’ so he just left and did a quick turnaround,” he said.

The Atlanta artist, however, says when he thought things were over, Meek’s crew again accosted him with a camera to force a confession out of him to aid the then love of her life, Meek Mill, in his beef with Drake.

“He dips so I’m thinking we good and um, and then his mans came back in with the camera. I found out and I don’t know how true this is but I found out that it was a Nicki Minaj call,” he says.

While he says he can’t prove the claim, he was told that she was the one who came out with the camera idea.

“When Meek evaluated you not a street dude, you not on that street sh*t and they dipped, I heard when they went back to the car, it was Nicki who was like ‘nah run that’, listen bruh, I’m a Nicki fan, I’ve always been a Nicki fan, my daughter is a Nicki fan, but that was f**ked up, man,” he added.

When asked if he knew for sure that it was Nicki Minaj who was behind them accosting him to confess on camera, the artist said he never even knew Minaj or had ever spoken to her.

“I hope that wasn’t the case if that was the case, but either way I put it on me but still finding that out that hurt because I never even had a conversation with this lady so why she like that?”

Back in 2015, Drake had responded to Meek Mill’s claim with two heavy diss tracks- “Back to Back” and “Charged.”

The rappers later quit the beef around 2018 after Meek and Nicki Minaj broke up (around 2017) as she alleged that he was abusive and once kicked her.

As for her and Drake, the two were not on good terms for quite a bit, also around 2018.

As Drake became friends with Minaj’s latest enemy Meek, he also allowed Cardi B to perform twice at OVO Fest, which seemed to have led to tensions between the two rappers. Many felt that Drake was being petty at Minaj.

While Minaj and Cardi B are still not on good terms, she and Drake seem to be chummy again.

As for Minaj, she has not responded to Miller’s interview. But in an interview with Zane Lowe in 2018, Minaj claims that she played the role of peacemaker behind the scenes of the beef.

She called the beef “one of the hardest parts of my career” and said she tried to convince Meek to leave it alone, but she was nevertheless involved inevitably.

“I was behind the scenes, wishing it wouldn’t happen,” she explained. “I said, ‘Don’t do that.’ I think, as artists, we all look back on things that we shouldn’t have done. And that was one of those things he shouldn’t have done. But he did it, and it is what it is. What I do know is that Meek and Drake have moved on from that,” she said.