Silk Boss Denies Jahshii Is Behind Two Men Smacking Him Around In A Video

Silk Boss
Silk Boss

Dancehall artiste Silk Boss has broken his silence on a video that started circulating on Monday night showing him being smacked around by two masked men.

The 21-year-old dancehall artist addressed the incident, which he says took place a month ago. In the video, the artist can be seen being slapped repeatedly while one of the masked men tells him not to disrespect ‘Gulf man dem.’

Silk Boss’s face appeared red from the slaps, and at one point, he pleaded with the men saying “please” before he was slapped again. The young man, however, addressed speculations that he was beaten due to his ongoing feud with Grants Pen artist Jahshii.

In an interview with his former manager Terro Don, he said that Jahshii had nothing to do with the incident. “No Jahshii nah nth fi do wid dis bro, anybody call Jahshii name a wicked bredda,” he said.

The artist also said that the persons responsible for the attack were from the Gulf community in Gregory Park, St. Catherine and that they also disrespected his baby mother, Bri.

“Dawg, you know say a robbery gwan dawg, see eeh pree dawg, mi a save fi buy me car and mi owna friend dem, you see the video wha gwan ah mi owna friend dem….and me and dem a par down to the stage show, down to wha day when me a do the song and say yo ‘Gulf Side wha do dem likkle bwoy ya’ and you hear me call few man name, a dem same man inna the video deh rob me bro,” he said.


Silk Boss said that the robbers took $1.4 million he had saved to buy a BMW.

“Me see one bimmer and mi say alright a dis a vibes. So the day when me fi go buy the car me link one a dem dawg cause a mi G…mi link eeh dawg and mi say yo bro hear wha now bro, mi a come for the money, mi ago buy the bimmer, this ya dawg…a him set up everything,” he said.

The artist says since the incident, he cut off the fake friends and has been focused on his music which is bearing fruits with more bookings and tours.

Silk Boss added that he believed that the release of the video now was timely to embarrass and distract the work and progress he is making career-wise.

“Is like inna fi dem mind yuh si tru dem do weh dem do and me cut off every man dawg and nah deal back wid no man dem a pree seh dem ago tarnish Silk Boss career because one a the thing dem talk is cause a one heap a threat me receive too and one a things I receive in one of the threat is ‘a bay fly me and Brii deh a fly go a Canada and wi nah link no man so is like mi a meds all a dem thing deh,” he explained.

“Dem man a pree me for me things overall, the man dem a pree me for the lifestyle weh dem see me ah live, bro,” he added.

Silk Boss also said in the interview that he was fine despite the incident. The mother of his child was also pushed down during the incident but she appears to be doing well.

“Dem back all gun pan me…when you see me did deh and me a tell them say ‘yo ray’ a tell me ah tell them say don’t shoot me cause the dawg dem did a say ‘yo a dead me fi dead’ because me deh deh and me have one heap a money a di yute dem deh deh and me nah give them nothing,” the artist said.

Meanwhile, the artist also denied the rumors that he was called to perform at an event by a local gangster, but he was beaten after refusing. He did admit that a “Don” had advertised that he would be at an event, but he couldn’t perform as he was out of the country. He added though that this incident was a while back.