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Missy Elliott Keeps It Classy In Response To Nicki Minaj Barbz Attacks

Missy Elliott Nicki Minaj
Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Barbz have been dragging Missy Elliott after the rapper asked a question they interpreted as her shady the Queen Radio rapper.

Missy Elliott had shared a tweet earlier this week on Wednesday, but it seems that the Barbz recently got wind of the tweet where Missy asked fans to define a hit versus a classic. “I have a question…Is there a difference between A Hit & A Classic record or no?” she tweeted. “And if so what is this difference?”

Coincidentally, Missy Elliott asked the question at a time when Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl” snagged several record and historical achievements.

The song, which debuted on Billboard No. 1, also saw the greatest solo debut for a rapper in recent decades and also had the biggest global and U.S Spotify solo debut ever.

Fans appeared to think that Missy was shading Minaj, and many left acrimonious tweets directed at the “Work It” rapper.

“B**ch fall back! Don’t ever disrespect them like that! All hail to the Queen of innovation!! If it wasn’t for Missy, there will be no Nicki or Cardi B’s,” one fan wrote.

“Missy Elliott always have something to say surrounding Nicki Minaj indirectly,” one fan wrote. “I see her dirty spirit. It’s been like that for years. Give it up mama,” one person responded in the comments.

“Missy you 51, you had a great run buts it’s over, go live in your authentic truth,” another added.

Some also accused her of being messy. “Missy so miserable and messy b**ch don’t let me get started these old b**ches really mad and miserable go pay ya rent and stay in ya bum ass place these old and new school b**ches make me sick!!! Nicki can’t win from either generation of female rappers.”

Meanwhile, many also tried to shade her as they claimed that the “Get Your Freak On” rapper did not have any hits.

“A Hit is what you have YET to have. ‘Super Freaky Girl’ by Nicki Minaj is A Hit. Classics are ‘Moment 4 Life’, ‘Only’, ‘Itty Bitty Piggy’, etc. You signed by Atlantic, right Messy Missy? Tell them to buy you a hit like they did for Cardi,” one shot back at the rapper.

Missy’s post was liked twelve thousand times and received thousands of replies and quotes.

Some of her fans came to the rescue as they called out the Barbz for being insecure and attacking Missy.

“B**ch fall back! Don’t ever disrespect the like that! All hail to the Queen of innovation!! If it wasn’t for Missy there will be no Nicki or Cardi B’s,” one person told a Nicki fan.

“Missy elliott is unproblematic and never had any issue or feud with any other rapper Nicki fans are just desperate,” another pointed out as the two rappers recently reacted after she was announced to be the recipient of the MTV Vanguard award.

“Anybody saying Missy Elliot don’t have classics don’t know hip hop and not because your a fan of an artist means you know music,” another fan said.

Meanwhile, Missy later cleared the air after the commotion as she shared that she asked the question since she was having a debate with her producer.
The rapper added that there was no shade behind her question,

“I love so many of yall answers,” she began. “This was a back & forth with my producer friends over music.Is there a difference between Classics & hits & he said it’s more preference. So y’all helped. A few chose 2 be hurtful but understand this came from a positive place,” she added.