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YK Osiris Confirms New Baby Boy, Talks Infidelity And Navigating Relationships

YK Osiris
YK Osiris/FB

YK Osiris says that he’s single and has been keeping a low profile despite just having a baby weeks ago. The rapper surprised fans last month when his former girlfriend, Nastassia Thomas, aka Stassia, former cast member of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Earlier this week, YK Osiris seemingly confirmed that the baby was indeed his son. The rapper was seen burping the baby in a hilarious video. Fans were surprised at the baby since Osiris, 23, and Stassia, 38.

The rapper spoke about his love life and how he keeps things under wraps. However, he confirms that he’s single during a sit down with Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast.

“I like keeping my sh*t low,” Osiris said around the 44-minute mark. “I don’t even post like that. I don’t post no relationship sh*t like that. It’s love, there’s no problem, but it’s always like, why you talking to this person? Why you doing this, why you doing that? Cause I can’t stop. So what makes you think you gonna stop me? So what can I do? I can’t be in no relationship,” he said.

Meanwhile, Osiris says he’s getting ready to drop new music and has a new track, “Bad At Me,” and explained the concept of the song is about infidelity.

“How can I be guilty if I’m bad at myself? Like that’s my thing. Why would you bring an introvert to the party when you know he can’t sing out loud? Like that’s real. Know that n***a ain’t sh*t, why you still with that n****a? Knowing that n****a be F***ing these hoes, why you still F***ing on that n***a?”

Meanwhile, the R&B singer seems to have a new interest plus size women. He recently hinted that he was shooting his shot at Lizzo.

“What’s up Lizzo? I just wanna say hey,” he said in an Instagram Story. “You beautiful Black queen. I don’t wanna go too far but you’re beautiful and yeah. Check your DM though, alright?”

He has not definitively confirmed the status of his relationship with Stassia. The two have been dating on and off and were last seen together in 2020.