Spice Break The Internet With ‘Tape Measure’ Video Teaser, Safaree Reacts

Spice Safaree
Spice, Safaree Samuels

Spice teases her new video “Tape Measure” leaving dancehall fans shook as the clip surpassed 1 million views within hours on Twitter, prompting a response from Love and Hip Hop star Safaree.

Spice is called the Queen of Dancehall for a reason. She has the ability to send shockwaves through social media because of her risque approach. She didn’t let fans down this time around either, as her 23-second long preview for her single “Tape Measure” left fans buzzing.

The “Go Down Deh” singer has been teasing about the video for her latest track for a few days now and did not fail to deliver. With just the teaser, fans can already guess Spice has something extra raunchy coming. Especially after she is seen in the clip measuring some male models’ eggplants literally.

“Bestie, this is for your eyes only. Tape Measure video drops this Friday,” she tweeted. The video is expected this Friday, August 26. She also uses her flamboyant style in the video, as she can be seen in a green wig and a body suit along with chains on her thighs.

The “Back Way” singer seems to be reclaiming her newfound freedom following her split with Justin Budd, who she recently accused of trying to cramp her style by controlling her.

The model in question in the video is adult entertainer Midnight Erotic, and it’s his package that was being measured.

Over on Instagram, Spice explained that she asked him what number he was on the tape measure, and he dropped his pants.

The Grammy-nominated songstress is giving fans a taste of her sophomore album, Emancipated. The track “Tape Measure” is the second single to be released from the album, which features nine tracks and so far has no collabs.

The first track to drop off of the album was “Clap Clap” on July 22. This album will be her first release since parting ways with VP Records and will be distributed by Stealth Music and United Masters.

The clip has been receiving mixed reactions from fans, with some male fans feeling disgusted by it while the females praised Spice for being innovative and taking risks. It’s very likely that the final video will be less graphic and more fit for YouTube audience. Still, Spice has already achieved her goal of creating a buzz ahead of the release of the music video and her sophomore album, Emancipated, which is due on Friday.

In reacting to the video going viral, Spice wrote, “So I woke up to this. 1 Million Views in 11 hours on Twitter, Now I have the most trending search on Google, Why unu broke the internet again like this Tape measure Video drops tomorrow and EMANCIPATED ALUBM RELEASE At MIDNIGHT.”

Safaree, who recently made headline for a leaked video, was one of the celebrities who reacted to the clip shared by Spice. “Spices new video really inspired me… my next video will be no limits,” Safaree tweeted.