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Cam’ron Details Conversion With Jay-Z That Ended Their Beef

Cam’ron, Jay-Z

Cam’ron and Jay-Z had one of the greatest beefs in hip hop history, but aside from how tense things got between the rappers, Cam’ron also shares the side of Jay-Z many have come to like.

While on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Cam’ron spoke about the beef that saw him removing Jay-Z’s verse from his track Grammy-nominated single “Oh Boy.” When asked if he would ever consider releasing a featured version of the track with Jay on it, the Harlem rapper signals his regret at erasing the verse.

“Hov did a remix for ‘Oh Boy,’ and I erased it,” he disclosed.

As for why he didn’t keep the verse, the rapper admits he regrets getting rid of it.

“I should’ve,” he said. “Looking back on it I should have, because… Sh*t, I could’ve got some money.”

The rapper shared that it was simple pettiness that led him to delete the track after Jay-Z “erased” his verse on another track they had, “One for Peedi Crakk.”

“I was just so caught up… I’m very, very petty, man. But looking back on that you made a great point, we should have kept it, and whether we used it or not we should’ve had it,” Cam’ron continued.

The rapper expressed that he has grown since that incident, though.

The “Dipset Anthem” rapper was also asked about his relationship with Jay-Z, who is now considered a legend in hip hop music and a top businessman. According to Cam, things improved with the Roc-A-Fella co-founder a few years ago after he brought the Harlem rapper on stage at NYC’s Terminal 5 in 2019.

However, he had split loyalties to Dame Dash, which he said put him in the middle of the drama but he still accepted going to the show.

“I was caught in the middle to be totally honest with you because I didn’t want Dame [Dash] to feel a way,” he said, adding that Dame and Jay-Z were not on the best of terms.

“I know they was going through they thing, but Dame had did something on the internet to where he kind of apologized to Jay-Z. … I was like, ‘If that’s where he at, cool.'”

He added that the make-up conversation was simple and later shocked the audience after their introduction song, “Welcome to New York City,” began to play.

“Nobody would’ve thought that in a million years,” Cam’ron says. “Jay called, he’s like, ‘Yo first of all I want to tell you I got respect for you,’ and I’m like, ‘Same here bro,'” he said. “Sh*t ain’t no big thing, man. We talking about some sh*t, f***ing 12-13 years old. I’m straight. … We just showed our love for each other, and we kept it under wraps.”

Cam’ron also spoke about how his beef with Jay-Z affected him, from fans who were relieved they could now listen to both artists’ music to industry people who were loyal to Jay-Z and were afraid of associating with Cam’ron for fear of being blackballed.

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