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DaniLeigh Tried To Squash DaBaby and Her Brother’s Feud Before Brawl

DaniLeigh Dababy
DaniLeigh, Dababy

The mother of DaBaby’s youngest daughter, fellow rapper Danileigh, says she had warned her brother not to intervene and fight the Charlotte rapper.

Her brother, upcoming rapper Brandon Bills was beaten up by DaBaby and his entourage in February after he approached him to allegedly speak to him over his treatment of his sister.

The brother had months before threatened to beat up DaBaby after he kicked out Danileigh and their three-month-old daughter from his North Carolina home in late 2021 as they had a public and humiliating breakup.

However, Danieleigh says she wanted to keep the peace for the sake of her baby, knowing that she and DaBaby would now have to co-parent despite their differences.

“I love my brother regardless, with Baby before the bowling stuff… It was months after that had came out for real, months after my brother was online talking about he gonna do what he gonna do I guess but I definitely told him don’t do that but everybody’s gotta do them,” she says on Big Boys Neighborhood podcast.

“It’s just like ‘let’s think about the baby’ we’re somewhat a whole family now,” she said she told her brother.

DaBaby and his security detail were caught on video landing serious blows on Bills, who was kicked and sucker repeatedly punched, leaving him bleeding, and even had his hair ripped out.

Danileigh Brandon Bills
Danileigh and Brandon Bills

Despite investigating the incident, police have not charged DaBaby or any of his entourage members as it was revealed that Bills was not cooperating with police in May.

In one video, one of DaBaby’s security is seen grabbing Bills by his dreadlocks and slamming him to the ground with force while DaBaby hides behind another stocky security guard.

“N****s want to grab me by my hair. N****s ain’t catch no fair one,” Bills said in a video on Instagram after the fight. “They came and jumped me, my n***a, once I slipped. I spoke to you like a man, my n***a. I said, ‘Yo, let’s talk one-on-one like some men, my n****a. Me and you on the side, my n****a. On some real n****a sh*t.'”

He added on another Story, “Stop calling me I’m good these n****z is pu**y I’m stood my own on 5 n****z by myself n***z ain’t ready for this 1 on 1 I will beat n***a ass.”

Danileigh had also spoken up for her brother at the time.

“Lame as hell!!!! Running up on my brother on some slippery a*s floors with 5/6 of ya boys while he’s by himself and not even touching him!!! Lame and soooo sad!!!! I pray this stops now!!!,” she said.

“This is my family! And I got a daughter to raise. Sad,” she added.

Meanwhile, fans are speculating that Danieleigh’s latest comment is hinting that she and DaBaby might still be involved.

“if you still in love with dababy then say that,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“He ain’t think about you or y’all daughter when he put y’all out. Ain’t no way I would defend him OVER my brother that was defending me! Smh,” another person said.

“Yeah she not done with him smh got her brother beat up for what,” another commenter wrote, while another added, “girl take yo brother side wth!”