Popcaan Denies Visiting Donna-Lee Donaldson’s Accused Killer In Jail

Toni-Ann Singh Popcaan
Toni-Ann Singh and Popcaan

Popcaan vehemently denied on Wednesday night that he was the artist who had gone to visit murder accused Noel Maitland last week.

According to allegations raised by protest organizers, a prominent artist had gone to visit the artist while he was being held at the Grants Pen lockups. At the time, Maitland was not charged yet.

On Tuesday (Aug 2), police announced that Maitland was being charged with the murder of Donna-Lee Donaldson based on forensics and technological data from his phones. They also confirmed that the artist would also be moved from the Grants Pen police station due to an unauthorized visit by an artist. As a result, a police officer who allowed the visit was also transferred pending an investigation.

The outcome of the investigation has not been revealed by the Jamaica Constabulary Force, and the identities of the artist or the police officer involved have not been disclosed.

However, an account on Instagram claimed that Popcaan, along with his rumored girlfriend Toni-Ann Singh, were the ones who visited the embattled police officer and producer of the One Time Label.

The account asked, “wht was so urgent and pressing that you had to go tell Noel?” The poster also tagged Popcaan and posted a photo of him and the former Jamaica Miss World.

The account also called out Toni-Ann Singh for accompanying Popcaan. The account did not share any evidence of its claim, but there were many comments on the post bashing the St. Thomas artist.

Popcaan took to Twitter to clear his name as he lashed out at the blog page seeking to tie him to Maitland.

“Don’t try mix me fi cover up unu dirty corrupted works!!” the artist said.

“Bright nuh blood***th!! A me say jungle justice!!” the artist added.

To be clear, Popcaan had no known association with the accused killer Noel Maitland, and so far, he has not publicly commented or said anything about the case. The accused cop also branded himself as a music producer and has previously acted in the role of security for a popular dancehall artist.

Noel Maitland founded his own label, One Time Music, in 2018. The label has released a handful of Riddim projects, including Right Time, Big Time, and High Time.

The police department still has not released the name of the entertainer and former beauty queen who they say visited Noel Maitland in police custody. It also remains unclear why the entertainer went to see the cop in custody.

Popcaan himself has had some recent issues with police officers and is currently suing the Jamaican government and the police force, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). Last year he was detained in St. Thomas for traffic offenses which were later dropped leaving him to pay a small fine. In June, he was detained by police in another traffic stop. The JCF did not say why the artist, who was traveling with Toni-Ann Singh, was detained.