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Kevin Gates Unapologetic About Lyrics About Jay-Z’s Wife Beyonce

Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates / Atlantic

Kevin Gates is unapologetic about his recent “Super General” lyrics which stated several sexual fantasies about Rubi Rose, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj.

In the track, Kevin Gates got nasty as he shared his wildest desire for them. While Rubi Rose seemed receptive to the lyrics, many fans criticized him for putting Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj in his music especially since they are now married and have children.

“Ain’t no disrespect to Jigga, met through Nipsey, that’s my ni**a / Don’t know if they into swingin’, Beyonce need to let me hit her / Make her p*ss all on this d*ck, respectfully, her body shiver,” Gates rap.

While on the Breakfast Club show on Wednesday morning, Kevin Gates was asked about the criticisms and if he felt it was appropriate to mention another man’s wife in the song.

The rapper is adamant that he is paying a compliment to Beyoncé and Jay-Z. “That’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, I can’t be a fan? I can’t be a fan?… I ain’t scared to say it,” he said after DJ Envy brought the topic up. “I said respectfully, I meant it with all due respect,” he added.

DJ Envy asked him if he had been in Jay-Z’s position if “you wouldn’t feel a way if another man said the same about your wife?” Gates went on to state that he is turned on by another man wanting his woman.

“You supposed to fantasize about what I got, n***a I’m living your dreams every night, Yea I’m punching dick and living your dreams,” he said before adding that despite the lyrics, he would never cross any boundaries.

“I don’t want nothing else that somebody else want,” he said. “If you my lady and I know that all y’all want my woman I’m about to walk up and give you a big hug and [kiss] and grip that a*s in front of them,” he said as he offered an example of Angela Yee being his woman.

As for whether he would work with another male rapper who mentions his wife in that way, the rapper says he wouldn’t have any issue.

“I wouldn’t give a f**k…I don’t care about what nobody thinks about me or what nobody say about me I live my life every day, I don’t give a damn, I’m living your dreams ni**a.. You saluting me, you wanna do all this to who? To [who] I got?” he added.

Many fans of Beyoncé are not pleased with the response from Gates, but neither Jay-Z nor Beyoncé have addressed it, and probably she never will as the artist is known for being private and staying out of the spotlight.