Bounty Killer, Popcaan Reacts To Police Shutting Down St. Thomas Jerk Fest

Bounty Killer Popcaan
Bounty Killer, Popcaan

Bounty Killer and Popcaan had a response for police officers who shut down the St. Thomas Jerk Fest on Sunday. The dancehall legend was almost arrested by officers at the event.

The event was shut down for going over the time allowed for events leading to police closing off the music. However, it’s unclear if Bounty Killer was able to perform at the event.

The dancehall icon was seen coming on stage where he had words for police officers while they waited by the stage to arrest him. “We want Bounty, we want Bounty, we want Bounty,” fans can be heard chanting as they slap the stage.

The artist, who is seen wearing a red polo shirt, has a serious look as he greets the fans and addresses the police.

“We love the people dem a St. Thomas and the people dem love me and we nah disrespect the program but police be considerate, tomorrow is a public holiday, don’t try fight the people, defend dem and support them, that me a tell unnu up ya,” Bounty Killer said to the police officers.

The artist also added that police officers were fighting out the people instead of helping and supporting them at a time when police cooperation was desperately needed on the island.

“You see how the crime rate wicked a Jamaica, oonu fi make we work together, stop gwan like oonu want be we enemy, weh you see the people a try something, support it, dat mi tell oonu, the last time oonu try fi lock me up fi bad word oonu fi go way with oonu f***ery,” he said before walking off.

As Bounty Killer comes off the stage, officers wearing dark blue uniforms wait to arrest him. One of them can be seen grabbing the artist’s shirt while his security personnel stands between the artist and the police officers. The artist was eventually shielded by fans as he jogged out of the venue while officers tried to run after him.

Bounty Killer shared the snippet on his Instagram account as he called out officials for allowing Reggae Sumfest to go on from night into the following day without officers harassing patrons and artists.

“Ghetto people until we stop fighting and killing ff each other we won’t ever elevate bcuz we only have us the same system that locked us down for over two years the first public event in St Thomas since the pandemic a jerk festival for community development the police locked it off at 12:25 am going into a public holiday obviously bcuz it’s for the poor but Sumfest goes until 8:30 am,” he wrote on Instagram.

He continued, “Respect to all real genuine police man and woman a St. Thomas but that little lunatic who locked off the show he’s definitely a part of the problem a dem helped to create the duppy films them a St. Thomas instead of supporting serving the citizens they rather to fight the ppl.”

“Big up to the promoters for a well-organized and structured concert everything went well and was going good up until remedies of the state stopped the show I was even paid b4 I got to the venue,” Bounty Killer wrote.

The artist’s main Instagram page was deleted within minutes of sharing the video. There was no reason given either, but Bounty Killer has shared on a backup account that his main account was deleted.

In the meantime, many, including Dancehall artist Popcaan who is from St. Thomas, and former Minister of Culture and Entertainment, the PNP’s Damion Crawford, denounced the ending of the event prematurely.

Crawford also called out what he said was the blatant hypocrisy in the treatment of the St. Thomas event versus that of Sumfest, which is held in Montego Bay and attracts tourists and visitors.

The St. Thomas police high command has not addressed the incident or explained what occurred.