Masicka Says He Wrote Entire ‘438’ Album In A Week: “I Love Literature”


Masicka says his writing is on a whole other level now and the quality of his 438 album backs up his argument.

The talented artist says that he wrote the lyrics for his most recent album within a week. In a new interview, Masicka says that his biggest song from the track, “Moments Like This,” featuring Stefflon Don, was not planned but came after he sent her the song on a whim.

“That song was not a planned song, mi just write it and send her,” he said. “Yea, mi did write it, mi know she woulda love it. Mi write it and mi love her sound so immediately mi just say alright she woulda fit the song.”

Masicka noted that he is good at writing due to his love for literature, and even though he writes for a number of other artists, he shared that he doesn’t talk about his writing credits and continues to focus on his skills.

“Mi like write, to tell the truth, mi love literature, mi actually is an A student in literature, mi have one inna literature from high school so mi really like write and reading so you find say mi read a lot so writing for me is like, you know what I mean mi write mi album in a like week and then putting the songs together, mi like write,” the artist as he shared that he is presently reading the motivational book ‘Gifted Hands’.

The artist was speaking to the Gleaner when he shared a message to the youths of Jamaica as he said he could relate to their struggles but urged them to stay on the straight path.


“The youth them just need to stay positive, find something positive to do…just try create a life that your family can [be] proud of, people can [be] proud of, cut out the killing thing you know what I mean, try to leave a legacy for your youth them…whole heap a life out there but the youth them nah see,” he said.

Masicka also noted that while he might enjoy a different lifestyle now, he knows what it is like to struggle as his circumstances growing up was as bad as many other person today.

“No. me definitely know… whole heap a things could have deterred me from certain goals, mi grow up in the ghetto and me and mother move from Waltham go a Spanish Town…you can’t make your environment determine your life, you see from you have life you have a chance,” the “Pack A Matches” artist said.

“You just have to work, alright you know say life hard, you have to work twice as hard so it get hard mi work three times harder,” he said as he revealed his life principle.

“As much as you stress the failure, you have to try and stress the change,” the artist said.