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Chris Brown Speak On Mental Health As Dallas Shooter Claim She Is His Wife

Portia Odufuwa mugshot, Chris Brown
Portia Odufuwa mugshot, Chris Brown

Chris Brown seems to be amused at a claim by the shooter at the Dallas Love Field airport on Monday that she was his wife.

The woman, Portia Odufuwa, 37, was shot and wounded by police officers responding to a shooting incident by her at the crowded airport.

The woman who has a string of criminal offenses on her belt claimed that she was married to Chris Brown. According to Dallas Morning News, an armed Odufuwa opened fire inside Dallas Love Field airport on Monday, sending passengers screaming and ducking out of fear for their lives. She fired several shots after coming out of an airport bathroom.

As officers dig into her background, it is reported that she has a history of mental illness and has claimed to have committed violent crimes, some of which she admitted to. Some of her past offenses include setting fires on homes and a bank robbery.

Police reports also say that she has been arrested several times but was not deemed much of a threat and let off due to some of her nonsensical ramblings. Some of these show that on several occasions she has been arrested, she would list her home as that of Chris Brown’s residence.

She reportedly gave police the singer’s address and name as her point of contact, noting that she was married to the entertainer.

On Tuesday afternoon, Chris Brown, who became aware of the report, shared his reaction on Instagram.

“I don’t know what in my f**king music but we got some, I got some of the craziest stalkers in the world,” Brown clarified. He added, “Mental health is not something to play with.”

Meanwhile, there are reports that the woman was let off by police and a judge on several occasions. She claimed to have burned down a home in Mesquite and later claimed to be “God’s Prophet.”

According to reports, District Attorney John Creuzot said the woman was not arrested as her claim was not believed. In addition, there was no evidence tying her to the arson.

As for her bank robbery charge, she was found incompetent to stand trial, and the judge later ordered her to undergo inpatient and outpatient treatment to deal with the issues.

The woman was not believed to be a danger to the public by another judge when she appeared for a separate offense in 2021.