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Drake Says He Spent 4 Hours In Swedish Jail After Someone ‘Ratted’ On Him

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Drake has seemingly confirmed he was arrested in Sweden.

A leaked DM is making the rounds showing the Toronto rapper/singer confirming that he was arrested in Sweden and spent four hours in jail. The messaged was shared by Million Dollar Worth Of Game, Drake joked about the ordeal saying someone ratted him out to Swedish authorities.

“They put me in jail last night for 4 hours snatched me out the club last night for no reason they claimed suspicious activity had me strapped down in a police van took my phone all kinds of dumb sh*t they said they got a call about me while I was in there…I know it was Wallo,” Drizzy wrote.

Drizzy then joked that Wallo snitched on him. The rapper also seemingly addressed the reports that he was arrested by Sweden Police last week as he shared what looked like a document received from police.

The letter which comes from the Sweden prosecutor’s office is titled “Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained.” The letter is undated and is not particularly addressed to the rapper, so it is unclear if he received the letter directed to him or if the note is just a pamphlet that offers information to the public.

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The letter outlines the rights of persons who are arrested or detained and specifically states that persons who are not Swedish have a right to contact their consulate to intervene on their behalf.

It also flips over and sets out the procedure once a person is taken into custody or detained and how long they can remain in custody before they are being charged as well as the time to appear before a judge and the fact that continuous detention must be grounded in law.

Drake did not share any caption on the post, but he shared several videos and photos of him being happy and smiling with his Ibiza as his tagged location.

Last Thursday, there were reports that the rapper, along with a bodyguard, was arrested in Sweden for possession of marijuana while at a club.

Many fans shared concerns online with the hashtag #freedrake. Drake’s team later denied the reports that the rapper was ever in police custody.

There were also reports by some news sites and journalists who said Sweden officials say that the rapper was never arrested although he was a visitor to the European country.

Drake shared snaps of his Boeing 767 baby blue Air Drake” touching down in Sweden and later videos of him shopping in the Östermalm district of Stockholm and dining at Ciccio’s restaurant.