Reggae Legend Freddie McGregor Lends Voice Finding Donna Lee Donaldson

Donna Lee Donaldson
Donna Lee Donaldson

Freddie McGregor lends his voice to help find missing influencer Donna Lee Donaldson.

The legendary reggae singer was among those who are speaking out in support of the protests to find popular social media influencer Donna Lee Donaldson who went missing recently.

Her boyfriend, police officer Noel Maitland, was the last person she was seen with, while his baby mother, Kathanya Smith, is said to have had a heated argument with the young woman at Maitland’s apartment complex in New Kingston before she went missing.

On Wednesday, there were protests for a third day into the disappearance of Donaldson. Many have accused the Jamaica Constabulary Force of covering up for the police officers and dragging out their investigation as Donaldson was reported missing a week ago and has not been seen or heard from since.

During the protests, Freddie McGregor stopped to collect flyers and speak with people who were on the streets as he signaled his support for the movement to find the young woman.

Freddie McGregor
Freddie McGregor

“Big support. full support. Dem fi know what happen to the girl. Eight [yute] me have so mi not in the foolishness,” the reggae singer emphasized.

The reggae singer also said that he related to how the parent of Donna Lee Donaldson felt as he is a parent to many daughters and would do the same for his child if he has to.

“The same as the people dem… People dem want to find them youth, if a just my daughter, mi have five daughters you know and three sons if it was my daughter wha mi woulda do today? Same thing wha the people dem a do.”

In the meantime, the “I Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely” singer had words for the protestors who have been unrelenting in the last four days protesting “unnu keep up the pressure until we know something, hear?”

Up to Wednesday evening, Donaldson nor her body has been found. At a press conference on Tuesday, the JCF said they were following several leads into the 24-year-old’s disappearance.

Her boyfriend has given a statement to the police, but his baby mother, Smith, who is a district constable attached to the Half Way Tree police station, has refused to give a statement.

On Wednesday, the police oversight boy, the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, ordered that she give a statement to the police.

There have been reports that Smith has already absconded out of the jurisdiction and traveled to the United States days ago while fans and followers of Donaldson mount pressure on her and Maitland on social media.