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Boosie Badazz Went Off On Cops In Tense Traffic Stop, Says He’s Targeted

Boosie Badazz arrest
Boosie Badazz / TMZ YouTube

Boosie Badazz went off on police officers during a traffic stop where he was detained.

A video of the arrest was shared online showing the Louisiana rapper raging at cops after they arrested him allegedly for smelling like marijuana. The video of the arrest was reportedly taken in Georgia, which showed Boosie Badazz in handcuffs on Tuesday afternoon (July 12).

According to news reports, the reason for the traffic stop was for having heavily tinted windows and concealed tags, TMZ reported.

The celebrity news publication said that Boosie was not the driver of the Cadillac SUV but was rather the passenger while 19-year-old De’Shun Lawrence was in the driver’s seat.

It seems things escalated after the stop, with police officers reportedly claiming they could smell marijuana. Cops eventually searched the vehicle, where they found a bag containing weed and another bag with cash.

Body cam footage released by officers showed both men in handcuffs standing outside of the Cadillac while a calm Boosie Badazz attempted to speak with cops.

However, the rapper quickly lost patience and told the officers he would be suing them for harassment as he referenced the fact that he had been to jail before and wasn’t fazed by it.

“I can’t keep going through this though, bro,” he said. “I just can’t, bro. I don’t do no wrong. I gotta go to y’all superiors and file charges, man. It’s harassment. It’s every day. I moved to the country to F***ing live, bro. I did six years on my back,” he said.

Boosie also became angry at the officers as he seemed to negotiate with them.

“I’m f****ing tired, bruh,” he said. “Whatever you wanna f****ng do, we can do. That’s how the f**k I feel … Lock me up for whatever you wanna lock me up for. I’m tired, bruh. Tired of being f***d with … I’ma spit on every F***ing nurse in that b##ch. I’ma make you charge me. I’ma show you how I get down when I get locked up. I’ma make them b***s want me … I’m going out like a gangsta. You oughta knock my f***ing teeth out. And you gon’ get sued like a dog.”

Boosie continued, “I’m ready now. I’m all the way ready. I’ma show ’em how I get down. Watch, I’ma punch on the first white boy I see in that b##ch … Any nurse, I’ma spit on that b***h. I ain’t playing, man. I’m tired, bruh. Watch how I shine in this b***h.”

Boosie also tempted cops with a sex orgy he said was taking place at his house.

“I got a lot of h**s sucking d**k at my house right now,” he said. “I got like 35 h**s sucking d**k at my house right now. If anybody wants their d**k sucked, let me know. F****ng b****s. I’m ready to fight.”

Meanwhile, the rapper also said he was profiled as a black man having a luxury ride.

“Car’s not stolen, registration is right, the tag is right,” he said. “I was pulled over because of this bullsh*t car. You f****ng mutha****as are targeting my vehicle. If I was a white college player, you wouldn’t f**k with my vehicle. If I played soccer or baseball, you wouldn’t f**k with my vehicle. You’d stop me for an autograph.”

Boosie and Lawrence were not detained and were eventually released with two citations.