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Yung Miami Speechless After Kevin Gates Reveals Relationship With Cousin

Kevin Gates Yung Miami

Kevin Gates is a little too real and open on the next episode of Careesha Please hosted by Yung Miami on the Diddy-owned Revolve TV.

The City Girls rapper popped out with a brand-new podcast last month with none other than her boo Diddy Love on her inaugural episode, and she’s coming back with another provoking interview with Kevin Gates, who lays out his sexual fantasies that have left the hip-hop world shocked.

In a preview shared online, Yung Miami asks the rapper whether it was really true that he was having sex with his cousin unknowingly, to which the rapper explains that after he was told, he wasn’t ready to stop.

In 2015, the rapper had first revealed that he was in a three-month-old relationship when he found out that he was having sex with a blood relative.

“I ain’t about to stop F***ing with her,” the rapper had said on Instagram after his followers had criticized him about the revelation.

“Y’all done got the hard part out of the way,” Gates said. “Why f*** up a good thing?” he said to the initial post, which made the announcement, “Newsflash: I’m proud that I’m having sex with my cousin.”

In other interviews, the rapper also confirmed years later that he and the cousin continued to date for about two years. Well, the preview already raises so many questions, which hopefully Gates can reveal in the full show.

As for the interview set to air on July 14, the rapper appears to also be speaking about his freaky sexual proclivities, which he has hinted at in his recent song “Super General,” where he speaks about his freaky desires for Rubi Rose and also for Nicki Minaj and Beyonce.

Even Yung Miami seems blown away by the rapper’s fantasies, “I’m speechless,” she says in the preview to Gates as he’s rattling off his nasty fantasies.