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Rapper DDG Reveals He Was Cleared Of Gun Charge, Shares Arrest Footage


Rapper DDG shared on Thursday that his gun charges have been dismissed, and he is no longer in court after his first court hearing on June 28.

DDG was arrested for felony possession of a concealed weapon in early June after being pulled over by police for reckless driving in Los Angeles, California.

Police found a concealed handgun after a search of his Lamborghini. DDG, whose real name is Darryl Granberry, was taken into custody around but released on June 7 after paying a $35,000 bond.

His court date was on June 28, when he said the charge was dropped against him.

In a YouTube video, he said that the charges were dropped, and he has no criminal record from the incident.

“I got some great news for y’all, as you can see from the title, my case has been dismissed, or rejected, I don’t got a felony and I don’t got a misdemeanour. Shout out Dimitri (his lawyer) you know what I’m saying,” he said.

DDG also tweeted, “Courtroom record 1-0,” and said it was now time to travel overseas.

The rapper also shared a video of his arrest with the police being super professional with him.

“I ain’t even talk to a judge so it’s like I was tripping for nothing, I thought I was gonna get a felony, I wouldn’t be able to travel overseas to do these shows, I got a big festival coming,” he said as he named his upcoming performances for Wireless Concert (in London), Amsterdam, Berlin, Germany, Poland, and Portugal.

The rapper also said that he would be vlogging his lifestyle and tours from July onwards for his fans in celebration of his freedom.

“In honour of me not going to jail, not catching a felony, still having a clean record, fresh like nothing opened, I’m a start a marathon,” he said.

The rapper also used the opportunity to plug his album update, noting that he has been mixing it and selecting the final tracks. He did not name a release date.

In the meantime, DDG also shared the name of his attorney with persons wishing to hire him.

“My lawyer name is Charleston White if anybody wanna book him…he gon get you off immediately,” he wrote in the comments section of a post by DJ Akademiks.