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Erica Mena Accused Safaree Of Messing With DJ Self’s Daughter As A Minor

Safaree Erica Mena
Safaree and Erica Mena

Safaree’s ex-wife Erica Mena is not letting up in her ongoing beef with him and Kimbella Matos, his new girlfriend.

On Saturday, Erica Mena escalated her ongoing beef with Safaree and Kimbella Matos, whom she called a “prostitute” last week, as she shared several text messages exposing Safaree Samuels that he wanted to have sex with her while she was wearing a strap-on.

Erica Mena also called on Safaree to explain himself to DJ Self after seemingly suggesting that the Love & Hip Hop reality star preyed on DJ Self’s daughter when she was a minor.

“@Safaree you might wanna show your wh*re what you really be on behind her back,” Mena wrote on her Instagram Stories as she continued her beef with Matos.

Erica Mena also shared several screenshots of a conversation between her and Safaree with another caption.

“I could post more but I really don’t want you to be any more insecure than you already are.”

In another story, she made the damning allegation that Safaree might have been involved with the minor.

“Safaree while we here tell @djself what you was doing with his daughter at 15 a few years back?”

Neither Safaree nor DJ Self has responded, and Erica has not put out any additional evidence to substantiate her claim.

In the meantime, Safaree has been quiet about the spat between the two women, but Matos and Erica continued to trade shots over the last week, with Erica first throwing hints at the young model.

“All you do is text his phone about me! Give it up!” Matos said about Erica in response to her subliminal shots.

Erica had accused Safaree of being with a “prostitute,” but she did not call any name. However, Matos popped up as she called out Erica for being obsessed with her and Safaree and even creating fake accounts to spy on her.

“For someone who’s consistently calling other women prostitutes, meanwhile, you have slept with the whole industry for free and dogged out and was recently selling your own p***y to a whole soccer player in New York City and you wanna discuss prostitution?” Matos asked.