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Rapper Jim Jones Reacts To Supreme Court Ruling On Guns Amid Lil Tjay Shooting

Jim Jones
Jim Jones

Jim Jones has reacted to the new Supreme Court ruling on Thursday as he pointed out that gun violence in New York City was becoming very concerning.

The ruling by the Supreme Court found that Americans had a right to carry a firearm outside of their homes for self-defense and that a condition that they prove a special reason before being granted a permit to carry is too restrictive.

It seems that the New York rapper is not in favor of the ruling, which would allow anyone to carry a gun. On his Instagram account, Jim Jones shared that the situation in New York was getting worse.

“Somebody break this down for all of us cause it’s gettin very nasty in ny to th point regular workin class citizen are takin th risk of carry guns for there protection cause th city is filled wit to much gun violence tht th police can’t get under control and people are scared for they life,” Jim Jones captioned a screenshot of a Washington Post article.

In the meantime, Mayor Eric Adams confirmed that the new ruling doesn’t change gun laws in New York, as he pointed out during a press conference that the case dealt with the specific issue of carrying permits.

“If you have a target permit, that is not a carry permit. The thought that people may hear this ruling and believe they can openly carry or are legally allowed to have a permit of some sort,” the mayor told reporters. “So we’re going to send a very clear message — Number one, nothing has changed. But number two, we’re going to continue our pursuit, as we have removed over 3,000 illegal guns off our streets. We’re going to continue to pursue that. This complicates matters,” he added.

The issue of open carry has been hotly contested in the U.S, especially since the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where a gunman walked into an elementary school and murdered 21 children and injured dozens of others.

There have been calls to put more restrictions in place to deter gun possession and gun violence. However, mainly republican states like Texas have refused to change gun laws citing their right to bear arms as outlined in the second amendment of the country’s constitution.

Jim Jones statement comes on the heels of rapper Lil Tjay getting shot during an attempted robbery in New Jersey. Tjay’s associates reportedly shot and wounded the would be robber who is now in police custody.