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YNW Melly ‘Likely’ The Shooter In Murder Of Associates, Says Detective

YNW Melly
YNW Melly

YNW Melly suffered a major setback in his defense in court.

The Miramar rapper’s defense team was unsuccessful in stopping an expert witness from being allowed to testify in the ongoing trial. New documents filed by the prosecution in the ongoing YNW Melly murder trial suggest that the rapper was the one who pulled the trigger.

A detective, Christopher Williams, will be called as an expert witness for the prosecution in relation to the findings by the police that Melly may have been the one who pulled the trigger on his two friends, TMZ reported.

The documents say that Williams will testify that it was “more likely” that YNW Melly fired the fatal shots inside a car. There is no definitive evidence as to who shot the two friends, but police are alleging that YNW Melly and YNW Bortlen are the ones who killed their two friends and then staged the men’s death as a drive-by killing.

The expert witness is described as someone with extensive training and experience in reconstructing shooting scenes. According to him, the bullets that killed the men likely came from Melly’s side of the car and not his co-defendant Bortlen Henry.

The document by the prosecution says that the expert witness used circumstantial evidence such as blood splatters from the men and the direction/ angles of the bullet holes and gunshot wounds.

The evidence points to the shooter seated in the back seat of the car behind the driver, and the victims were shot from inside the vehicle, not outside as in a drive-by as claimed by Melly.

In one instance, ballistics prove that a gun was fired eight (8) inches close to one of the victim’s heads.

Meanwhile, YNW Melly’s defense team tried unsuccessfully to have the expert witness excluded from the trial, given the reconstruction of the evidence not being conclusive in pointing to who the shooter was.

However, in denying their motion, the court said the evidence need not be conclusive, and in any case, the defense will have enough time to cross-examine the witness regarding how findings.

YNW Melly is facing the death penalty, if convicted.