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Playboi Carti Threw His Guitarist Across Stage In Bizarre Primavera Performance

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Playboi Carti once again showcase his concerts is an experience after throwing his guitarist across the stage at Primavera Sound Music Festival

Playboi Carti‘s concerts are known for getting wild with the rapper’s fans being amongst some of the most unruly you can find. From fans breaking into venues to mosh pits, Carti’s concerts are a disaster waiting to happen, and the rapper himself seems to enjoy the confusion.

On Friday, a video surfaced of the rapper appearing to be ‘turnt up’ while performing on stage and began to rage. His own guitarist got caught in the moment as the rapper can be seen either wrestling the guitarist to fling him off the stage or just trying to move with him.

While at the Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain, The “Whole Lotta Red” rapper grabbed the guitarist suddenly as he was performing his track “Shoota” and pushed the guitarist from one end of the stage to the middle.

Playboi can be seen trying to hold on to the guitarist, who holds onto his instrument but doesn’t let the rapper grab complete hold of him. However, the musician is seen taking a roll as the rapper makes a deliberate swing movement with him.

The crowd goes crazy as the guitarist also rolls back on his feet after he is thrown and continues playing.

It’s unclear if the rapper’s actions were scripted and part of his rehearsal or if the rapper had reacted to something the musician did that pissed him off.

Neither the rapper nor his team reacted to the incident.

Meanwhile, fans reacted to the video as many shared cautious advice to the rapper, who is known for his concerts going out of hand. Some referenced the events of the Astroworld November 2021 incident, which left more than a dozen dead and hundreds injured due to raging at Travis Scott’s event.

“He taking this Vamp Shid too serious now,” one fan said.

“Personally I wouldn’t take that type of disrespect,” another said.

Meanwhile, some Carti fans said the guitarist was the rapper’s friend and suggested there was nothing wrong done.

“They are friends stop the hate narrative, W carti,” a Carti fan wrote.