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Jay-Z, Jack Dorsey Launches Bitcoin Academy For Hometown Marcy Projects

Jay-Z Jack Dorsey
Jay-Z, Jack Dorsey

Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey again team up to help the rapper’s hometown residents.

The hip hop Mogul is always finding ways to help financially educate the black community. He’s always trying to drop gems of knowledge like in his 2017 track “The Story of O.J.” He’s once again trying to edify the minds of his three million-plus followers on Twitter as he and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey have teamed up to sponsor The Bitcoin Academy.

Earlier today, Jack Dorsey hopped on Twitter to officially announce the program, which is as its name suggests, a program designed to teach people about bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

“Shout out to @jack. #Bitcoin Academy, starting in Marcy, a place that taught me so much, is hopefully the first of many. The simple goal is to provide people tools to build independence for themselves and then the community around them,” Hov tweeted.

Staying true to his roots, the program is currently only available to residents of Jay-Z‘s old Marcy Projects neighborhood. There are plans to expand the program to other disenfranchised areas as well.

The project was designed in collaboration with Crypto Blockchain Plug and Black Bitcoin Billionaire. According to The Bitcoin Academy website it aims to provide education and empower the community with knowledge by teaching participants how Bitcoin works and “why you should care and how to build your own financial future.”

According to the information provided on the website, classes for the program will be available online and in person. The classes will start on June 22 and run until September 7 and will be instructed by Lamar Wilson and Najah J. Roberts. They are representatives of Black Bitcoin Billionaire and Crypto Blockchain Plug.

Marcy residents are currently allowed to register on the website. As an added incentive, those participating in the program will receive and get to keep MiFi devices along with a one-year limited data plan. The program even aims to provide smartphones if needed.

According to the website:

“The vision for Bitcoin is that it doesn’t have barriers, but lack of access to financial education is a barrier. It’s still hard to use for everyday necessities. Plus, people need devices and data plans. This program aims to provide education, empower the community with knowledge, and get rid of some of the barriers so that residents can learn more about Bitcoin specifically and finance in general.”

It seems like only the beginning of the plans that the pair have as they’ve also announced that a Crypto Kids Camp for children and teenagers living in Marcy aged 5 to 17 will be launched in the near future.

The two wealthy men seem to be like-minded and have launched several initiatives previously to this one. Their relationship apparently became tighter after the $302 million deal to sell Jay-Z’s TIDAL streaming service to Dorsey’s Block last March. The deal also gave the Roc Nation boss a seat on the company’s board of directors.

“Jack is one of the greatest minds of our times, and our many discussions about TIDAL’s endless possibilities have made me even more inspired about its future. This shared vision makes me even more excited to join the Square board. This partnership will be a game-changer for many. I look forward to all this new chapter has to offer!” Jay-Z tweeted at the time.