Shenseea Dancing To Skillibeng’s ‘Crocodile Teeth’ Is A Mood


Shenseea is always a mood dancing on IG.

The Alpha artist does not seem to be fazed by Skillibeng’s dissing her in recent times as she dances to his Billboard No. 1 hit “Crocodile teeth.”

Earlier this year, Skillibeng named dropped Shenseea in a song he dedicated to his lady love where he shaded Shenseea.

In the song named “Love Handles,” the RCA artist compared the virtue of the mother of his son versus Shenseea’s.

“Mi wi dead fi yuh, yuh nuh have ten man a touch yuh one time like Shenseea,” he sings.

Up to that point, it was unclear if there was a problem between Shenseea and Skillibeng. However, Skilli’s producer Johnny Wonder had criticized Shenseea for her freestyle over the “Crocodile Teeth” producer riddim while on the Funkmaster Flex show.

Wonder used several derogatory terms to describe Shenseea as he expressed his anger that she failed to credit Skillibeng or himself for the beat she was on.

Since then, both Skillibeng and Shenseea have experienced upward movements in their career, with him signing to the RCA label and Shenseea getting major attention in the United States music market.

Meanwhile, fans of Shenseea commented on her dancing skills as she goofed off.

However, some were uninterested in the music and instead focused on the artist’s weight as she appeared to drop a lot of weight since pushing her career in the United States.

“I hate the fact that shenseea a get mawga.. but she still ma fav tho,” one of her fans said.

“She lost that weight while she was sick. I would love to see her with more weight but she said she feel more comfortable that way,” another fan said.

Another fan had advice for Romeich.

“Romeich mi know she out of your hands now but try an convince her to come back home money is not all mi g 1 year ago shen did firm like spice batty peg,” the fan said under Romeich’s post.

Meanwhile, one fan defended Shenseea against the cultural preference for women who are on the thicker side.

“But after Shen never thick or fat from mawning nuh put she did a put little weight plus she seems like someone who’s weight fluctuates when it ready one minute up n the next it down…ppl sometimes uno must low out the weight thing as more time we don’t know what these like ourselves might be going through remember uno only know these ppl on the media and not personally.. she might prefer it or might be going through sh*t we know nothing about or it could just be simple she being too busy trying to make sh*t happens and not worried so much about weight,” the woman wrote.