Drake, Kanye West Peace Deal A ‘Blueprint’ For Ending Rap Beef Says Larry Hoover Jr.

Kanye West Drake
Kanye West and Drake

Perhaps Drake and Kanye West making piece can be used as the blueprint for other artistes to end rap beefs. At least Larry Hoover Jr. sees it that way.

If you’re a fan of hip-hop, you’re probably familiar with the sparring nature of rappers that often leads to intense beefs but not so much with the reconciliation between warring artists. That’s what Drake and Kanye West did when they put their differences aside in 2021.

Larry Hoover Jr. believes that the mature decision between the rap titans should serve as a blueprint for all rap beef in the future.

Hoover expressed the sentiments during a recent interview on Million Dollaz Worth of Game as he and J. Prince spoke about last December’s Free Larry Hoover event. He recalled the moment that Drake and Kanye West reunited for a candid performance in Los Angeles. It was a treat for fans familiar with the two going head to head earlier that year.

The concert itself was used to help raise awareness about the draconian six-lifetime sentence of Larry Hoover Sr.

Drake and Kanye West coming together is something that Larry Hoover Jr.’s father appreciated. The elder Hoover said that he often commented about rappers going at each other and that sometimes it ends up in bloodshed.

“And he seen that we had this relationship but with the little stuff that he got to see, he seen that them guys was at odds and he would hear about other artists and stuff, you know what I mean, killing each other and going to jail over back-and-forth nonsense. So he was just saying, ain’t there something y’all could do to try to bring them together?” Hoover Jr. said.

That spurred him and his team to put their efforts out there to try and get the two biggest rappers in the game currently to make amends. Hoover Jr. added that he firmly believes that it should serve as a manual for other rappers to bury the hatchet and think about more positivity. He hopes that other artists will indeed take the valuable lesson imparted through that example.

Larry Hoover Jr. added that if these two well-respected artists can do it, others can try to follow suit. He said that there are way too many rappers out there who feel like they’re living the gangster life when they should be living the millionaire life. The gangster’s life only leads to two roads: dying or losing everything they have gained through their hard work, he continued.

“They should be enjoying and bringing other people up instead of going to jail and dying and their friends dying. I thought they became entertainers to get out the street. That’s what it’s supposed to have been about,” he laments.

Even so, it seems some quarrels are necessary, as later in the interview, J. Prince explained why he felt the need to take on Wack 100. According to him, Wack 100 seems to be against the Hoover family because he allegedly withheld film footage that Prince believed could have been beneficial in getting Hoover Sr. out of prison.

Prince said that he wanted to have a conversation with him because he felt that he deserved the benefit of the doubt, especially since it’s a pretty serious claim. Prince added that he began to feel differently about the situation after he felt that Wack took a different position on the matter. The Rap A Lot founder said he felt that Wack 100, who is now doing business with 6ix9ine, had sold out for the cash.

“You know I’m from the school where everybody don’t go. And when you’re playing with a man’s freedom like that and everybody go then, you know, I take that real personal,” he added.

Take a look at the full interview below.