Trouble Murder Suspect Jamichael Jones Appear In Court After Police Arrest

Trouble Jamichael Jones
Trouble, Jamichael Jones / Rockdale County Sheriff

Rapper Trouble murder suspect, Jamichael Jones, was arrested by police on Tuesday morning after contacting cops and arranging to turn himself in.

Amid the developments with regards to his arrest, more details emerged into the shooting death of rapper Trouble DTE who was killed in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

According to CBS reporter Tori Cooper, Jones broke into the woman’s house while she was in bed with Trouble DTE.

The warrant for Jamichael Jones released the damning details, which said that the door to the apartment at St. James Drive Conyers, Georgia, was forced open and that Trouble was shot and eventually died.

“Upon arrival at the scene I spoke with [redacted] and she stated that she and Mr. Mariel Orr were asleep in her bed in her bedroom. She stated that she woke up to her ex-boyfriend Mr. Jamichael Jones punching her in the face…Mr. Jones then began fighting with Mr. Mariel Orr. She stated that she began to help Mr. Orr when Mr. Jones pulled out a handgun and shot Mr. Orr and left the scene.”

The arrest warrant also detailed that the woman, who has been identified as a rapper named Rissa Royce, was previously in a relationship with Jones, but they had broken up a week before.

The report said while in a car the week before, the woman argued with Jones about him not having a job and not helping her pay the bills, and he reacted by punching her in the nose. The woman had called 911 on Jones, but he had gotten away and fled. However, she did not lodge a police report as he had fled the scene.

According to the report, Royce claimed that she had not seen Jones since he attacked her, and he did not come to her house since then. The report said that she and Jones had been dating for three years, and they had also lived together at the residence Trouble was killed.

The report also stated that police had retrieved evidence in the way of vehicle footage from the car Jones drove, which showed him driving into the apartment complex around 3:14 AM and leaving at 3: 21 AM. Trouble was shot around 3:20 AM, previous reports said.

Meanwhile, Jones was arraigned before a judge on Tuesday morning and is set to re-appear in court on June 15th at 1 PM for a preliminary hearing.

According to the Rockdale county Sherriff Eric Levett in a press conference, Jones’ posture did not reflect that he was remorseful for his action, but he might be afraid of the backlash from fans of the rapper.

Many Trouble DTE fans have been calling for the streets to find Jones and deal with him.

“I don’t believe that he is expressing remorse right now but we can tell that based upon impression and body language if you will that he’s [fearful] he’s fearful for some sort reason and I believe that’s some of why he decided he wanted to turn himself in,” Levett said.

CBS also reported that Jones’ mother was the one who had called the police and convinced her son to turn himself in, and they arranged for him to meet up at a hospital in Clayton County, where he was picked up.

Jones is facing three charges- felony murder, home invasion, and aggravated battery.