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Safaree Hyped Up Ray J & Princess Love PDA Moment Singing ‘One Wish’

Ray J Princess Love Safaree
Ray J, Princess Love, Safaree (from left)

Safaree Samuels is that one friend who will always hype you up.

Ray J and Princess Love have seemingly patched their marriage up and appear to be in good standing as the couple was seen enjoying a dance to Ray J’s classic “One Wish.”

Ray J and Princess’ relationship has been shared with the world. The former Love & Hip Hop couple has had their fair share of ups and down, with each has also filed for divorce, but through it all, they appear to be working hard at their marriage and for their family, including two children.

The sweet moment shared by them completely contrasted previous sightings on TV, which included Ray J and Princess fighting on tv and him even throwing her into a pool of water.

Still, “One Wish”; will have anyone in their feels, including the recently divorced Safaree, who can be heard belting out the song at the top of his lungs and frightening Ray J and Princess with his horrible rendition of the 2005 classic.

Ray J and Princess Love wedding

The video was shared on Safaree’s Instagram Story and even drew the amusement of fellow Love & Hip Hop star Bobby Lytes.

The Love & Hip Hop stars appeared to have a recent gathering where they all co-mingled and enjoyed each other’s company.

It’s still good to see all of the cast members in a good place, notably Ray J and his wife, who once accused the singer of deserting her in Las Vegas while she was heavily pregnant with their son. Despite that, they appear to have also suspended the divorce applications and have been seen recently enjoying family moments with their son and daughter.

A recent video shared by Ray J showed the children not only counting in Spanish but also speaking a native Filipino language, their mother’s native language.

He also shared a lovely message on Mother’s Day where he praised Princess for her motherhood skills and noted that he loved his wife forever.