Prosecutors Link Young Thug To YFN Lucci’s Mother Shooting Incident

Young Thug and YFN Lucci
Young Thug, YFN Lucci

Prosecutors alleges that Young Thug is responsible for a shooting incident involving YFN Lucci’s mother.

On Thursday, the lead prosecutor in Young Thug’s RICO case revealed more details about the alleged long-running beef between rival rapper YFN Lucci and Young Thug, whom he accused of being behind a shooting targeting Lucci’s mother.

Prosecutor Don Geary gave a lengthy submission to the court on Thursday as he listed the many reasons Thugger should be denied bail. One of the shocking details that emerged was that Young Thug was allegedly behind a shooting targeting Lucci’s mother, and he also sang about it days later as he taunted the rival rapper.

The prosecutor outlined a video called “Bad Boy,” where he said Young Thug seemingly confessed to being involved in the shooting incident on YFN Lucci’s mother.

“At some point, Lucci’s mother was shot at and a song comes out with “Bad Boy” that says, ‘better watch the way you breathe around me, for that breath be your last one, Smith and Wesson 45 put a hole in his heart, you better not play with me, killers stay with me. I shot at his mommy now he no longer mention me’. We believe that Mr Williams doesn’t sing about random acts, he sings about gang acts that he’s a part of or his gang participates in,” Prosecutor Geary said.

The prosecutor also added that Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams, also made a post on Instagram directly tagging YFN Lucci (Rayshawn Bennett) as he taunted him.

“Following that, in the same year, Mr. Williams posted on Instagram a post, it said ‘FN (YFN) if ain’t like what you do for your mother and your kids I would have killed you’ and that was tagging YFN Lucci,” Geary said.

Young Thug Gunna mugshots
Young Thug Gunna mugshots

In early 2016, there were reports in the news that YFN Lucci’s house was shot up twice in one week, and his mother and another occupant were hit. In a video released online, the rapper had addressed the incident.

“I was out of town. I get a call from my mom nem, saying the house got shot,” he said about the first shooting incident. “I was in, wanna say Tampa. I was in Tampa heading to Orlando. I ain’t go to Orlando cause the house got shot up.”

“When we came back, everything was good, though,” he said. “She [Mom] ain’t get shot or anything. Everything was good. They ain’t shoot too many times the first time.”

He added that there was a second shooting that hurt his mother.

“They was in the bed,” he said. “Both of em got hit in the leg. They good, though. They walked right up out the hospital.”

According to Prosecutor Geary, the evidence against Young Thug were “confessionals” that evidenced the long-running beef with YFN Lucci. He added that Thug, as head of the YSL gang, was also behind the murder attempts on the life of YFN Lucci, who is presently housed at Fulton County jail.

Young Thug is alleged to have made the order to carry out the hit on Lucci, and according to Geary, it’s all caught on tape in the jail, and there is evidence that links back to Thug.

Lucci is also in jail awaiting trial for a separate RICO case, but his attorneys have applied for bond several times, noting that the rapper’s life was in danger especially given the previous attempts, one of which saw him being stabbed with a homemade shank.

The rapper reportedly fought off his attacker to save his life.

Late rapper Juice Wrld released the song “Bad Boy” featuring Young Thug in January 2021. In Thugger’s verse you can find the lyrics that prosecutors mentioned.