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Why Blueface & Chrisean Rock Fighting With His Mom & Sister? Everything You Need To Know

Blueface mother
Blueface and his mother Karlissa Saffold

Blueface took to social media on Sunday to deny that he had laid a hand on his mother and sister.

Both women accused him on Saturday of beating them up, and they also had several bruises on their faces to show as evidence. However, in a twist, Blueface’s on-and-off-again Chrisean Rock admitted that she beat up both women.

Blueface’s sister Kali first took to social media where she said that Blue Face and six of his gang member friends assaulted her.

“my husband dead a*s tried to fight 7 men and couldn’t help his wife cus they didn’t give af ran through his pockets and car, we got jump, robbed at my blood brothers house and you let b***ch jump on your mom like wtf is gangsta about it,” Kali claimed in an Instagram Story.

“Got jumped by 7 dudes including my brother then rock ran up after the gang member jumped me and say my husband…as you can see I peed on myself I aint never forget 7 n****s before all I could do was pist (sic) on myself. Only thing about it I don’t play about my mama. I’d do it all over again,” she said in a second IG Story.

Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, also took to Instagram Story where she uploaded a close-up clip of her face with her eyes black and blue

“All I know is my son will never bring that person around my family ever again in life and that’s all that matters. Carry on.” To continue her point, she added, “And neither will the police or the judge. The End,” she added in another IG Story.

Kali also came back to back up her mother’s account showing off bruises of her own.

“Y’all deada*, BlueFace is a lame a* n***a… he punched me and my mother in the face.”

Meanwhile, Blueface shared online several videos showing Rock and Kali fighting while his brother-in-law is seen laid out on the ground unconscious.

Meanwhile, Blueface took to Twitter on Sunday to call out his mother and sister for lying to him.

“Imagine saying you got jumped an a viral video up of you getting beat up by one person,” one tweet read.

The Los Angeles rapper also called out his mother as he shared a video of him having a meal with his baby mother, Jaidyn, when an angry Karissa shows up and appears to dump the food in Jaidyn’s face. The video is dated March 2021, with Jaidyn appearing pregnant.

“My mother does this with every female pregnant an all,” the rapper said about her behavior before adding, “Then play victim on the socials.”

In a third tweet, he added, “it’s giving my mom wanna be my girlfriend or some.”

Meanwhile, Chrisean Rock, who admitted on Saturday night to being the one to beat up both Kali and Karlissa, also explained her side. Chrisean and Karlissa have a unique past as she is the reason behind her getting her front teeth knocked out after she encourages Blueface’s baby mother, Jaidyn, to fight Chrisean.

Blueface’s mother later turned on Jaidyn, and earlier this year, she appeared to diss Jaidyn as she spoke about the rapper having another baby with her and even said she believed that Chrisean was the right person for him. Both her and Chrisean, at some point, became chummy as they bashed Jaidyn.

However, their relationship appears short-lived as Chrisean explained her side of things on Sunday.

“Why talk s**t knowing u threw glass jars at my face n called my mom a dope fien n got in my face like I wont put u down nobody happy to put they hands on somebody moma but I’m not a b***t so be careful Then yo daughter ruined my team bonding walking up on me while I’m watching film after practice…she walk up I dropped her then her husband pulled my hair n hit on the side of my face then we took out side I whooped u till u peed on ya self,” Rock said.

She continued, “I was more hurt about my tea because they didn’t nor did I deserve that weird disrespectful stuff I would sue y’all but y’all broke so ima let God deal with u. I was more worried about my concerned about ya new born child that in a oxygen tank n ya other innocent child so what happened if y’all would have went to jail or lost y’all life they was gon be with out parents because both of y’all do destructive dum sh*t.”

As if this conflict never had enough twists, Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, also jumped in, claiming he has evidence of Karlissa lying about what happened. Wack shared a screen record video of a conversation with Karlissa or someone using her phone as the conversation appears to be at some point in the first person and then third person referring to his mother.

Wack responded after the rapper’s sister claimed that he was paying blogs to only post about her and Rock’s fight to shape the narrative.

Blueface Jaidyn Alexis
Blueface, Jaidyn Alexis

“Yea, that’s what I said, he has no teeth in his mouth,” Karlissa reportedly said as she updated Wack on her son-in-law, who is accused of having an assault rifle when he turned up at Blue’s house.

In other texts, she also said police officers investigating the incident asked about the gun which was found in the trunk of his car, and she also appears to change her claim that Blueface told Rock to attack her rather than Blueface attacking her.

“He told Rock to beat me, it’s not a lie,” Karlissa says in a text…”No but he definitely sicked that dog and her on me,” another text read.

When Wack calls her out for lying, she responded, “Well tell him to do an interview and tell them he didn’t hit me he had Rock do it.”

Wack also said that Karlissa called him at 1:30 am the night before the brawl about the fight with her and accused her of escalating the situation by making her son-in-law and daughter go over to Blueface’s house with a gun to confront Rock.

In any other text, Wack tells Karlissa she’s disgusting for lying on her own son by saying he beat her.

“I don’t know I was on the ground curled up in a ball,” she then said.

“Can you take responsibility for your actions? With a mother like you he doesn’t need enemies,” Wack 100 says.

It’s unclear if police will charge any of them for the incident and the condition of the brother-in-law remains unknown.