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Coi Leray Boot Fan Off Stage For Getting Too Touchy During Lap Dance

Coi Leray
Coi Leray

Coi Leray put on an energetic performance during her Las Vegas appearance on Friday, but all did not go as planned for the young deejay.

Videos of her performance have been shared by dozens of fans who commended her for her high energy, which included performing choreographed dances with backup dancers.

That wasn’t the only exciting thing about the show. Fans were treated to the rapper performing lap dances on two lucky fans, which was cringed at best.

A slim and scantily clad Coi Leray is seen wearing shorts and a crop top with matching white sneakers as she hops into the lap of the fan and performs a simulated sex move before hopping off and bending over to the side of the fan.

The fan, however, gets carried away and proceeds to grab her butt cheeks, but Coi won’t have it as she immediately grabs him and calls for security to kick him off the stage. She is later seen dancing on a second fan in a more elaborate lap dance.

While many felt that the twerking was just a part of her performance in entertaining her fans, some also blamed the artist for giving fans lap dances without expecting that they would not appreciate boundaries given the type of dancing being performed.

Coi Leray has not publicly addressed the incident and instead only shared snippets of her high-energy show with fans being happy.

Meanwhile, some fans weighed in on the incident on Twitter, with some siding with Coi.

“It look like she told him not to…. This ain’t a club it’s a concert. He did right cause it’s prolly his only opportunity…. But If she told him how far he can go… you gotta respect it. It’s a SHOW.” one person said.

“But @coi_leray why soooo upset he is one of your fans if u didn’t want to be touched u should have had him tied up,” another said.

“She ain’t have to do all that. He given the same energy,” another said.

“For the slow ones who don’t know about performance etiquette, you’re supposed to sit there unless the performer says you can touch them,” a fourth person said.