Skeng Felt Slighted By Radio Hosts Calling Him Skillibeng In Interview

Skeng Skillibeng
Skeng, Skillibeng

Skeng did not appear pleased after a Guyanese radio host on live radio mixed him up with fellow dancehall artist, Skillibeng.

Dancehall is seeing an influx of younger artists who are talented in their own right as they make their mark on the music scene. Among those who are popular are Skillibeng, who recently signed with RCA label, Intence, Jashii, and Skeng. There are a few other artists who are popular locally, but one artist who has been on the rise and whom the likes of Sean Paul have called “one to watch” is Skeng.

The artist’s music content has not been well-received, but Jamaicans have been able to make a distinction of his music from other artists, especially Skillibeng, who has a signature style and music content.

It is still understandable that these distinctions might not be easy for fans abroad who can barely keep up with the barrage of talented dancehall artists Jamaica is producing.

This appears to be the case at least with one Guyanese radio host who failed to do his research.

A clip of the interview was shared online with the host asking Skeng about his work with American producer DJ Khaled.

“I noticed you’re now big on social media now, too much people touching down with Skeng now with yesterday and the day before I noticed you had some work done with DJ Khaled,” the host said.

Skeng awkwardly said, “no,” but the host pressed, “It was you,” while the deejay, clearly embarrassed at the mix-up, said, “No man, it’s not me.”

The journalist does not apologize for the embarrassing mistake but goes on to say, “Oh my bad, wrong one,” he said, laughing.

While he appears to gloss things over, the artist’s face changes, and he appears visibly annoyed as the smile on his face is replaced by a scowl.

Skeng was in Guyana over the weekend for a two-day music festival. His first appearance on Friday night ended abruptly after gunshots rang out during the show, thanks to his fervent promotion of guns.

Skeng, whose real name is Kevon Douglas, is only 21 years old. He first came on the scene with the stage name Skeng in 2019 and has quickly racked up an impressive catalog of music which includes 30 songs, with his most popular ones being “Brrp,” “Street Cred,” and he blew up in 2021 with the 2021 track,” Gvnman Shift.”

Skillibeng, on the other hand, is widely known for his song “Crocodile Teeth,” which later resulted in a collaboration with Nicki Minaj. That later led to his RCA label deal, and the artist is also now on tour for his EP Mr. Universe and his popular single “Whap whap.” He was seen last week with DJ Khaled, who hinted that there was new music coming.