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Offset Previews New Song Addressing Quavo And Takeoff Fallout


Offset is teasing a new song in which he will address his falling out with Quavo and Takeoff.

While the news has not been confirmed that the Migos has split, the three rappers appear to be on a different wavelength, with Offset now also teasing new solo music.

Ahead of Quavo and Takeoff releasing their duet as “Unc and Phew,” Offset is getting ready to drop new music as well. He recently shared a preview on his Instagram Story where he is seen walking in his backyard while the new song is playing in the background.

None of the Migos members have confirmed or denied whether the group is in the process of splitting. However, the first sign that they were splitting up came after Cardi B and Offset both appeared to unfollow Takeoff and Quavo.

Shortly after, Takeoff and Quavo, who are both uncle and nephew, respectively, teased the upcoming release of their song and accompanying video called “Hotel Lobby.”

What’s interesting about the entire group is that they are all related, with Takeoff and Quavo being cousins with Offset, and they were all raised together in the same family together, and they are also all around the same age.

Meanwhile, DJ Akademiks seems to have inside information on the group as he recently noted that there is no plan to split. He added that the group is, however, going through issues as a family.

“They might be going through a small disagreement or whatever. I think that they’re angling it because, you know, Takeoff and Quavo just put out a song, so they’re kind of letting it lie, letting the questions linger or something like that.”

“But at the end of the day, they’re family. Offset confirmed that to me, too. Maybe if it was the City Girls that unfollowed each other, but the Migos? Come on, I just can’t see a gangster group — like, the only sign of trouble is them hitting unfollow,” Akademiks said.

While their sudden falling out did sparked some conversations about the future of Migos and their third album, Culture 3, fans are holding out hopes that the group will mend fences and at least ensure the project see the light of day.

Hopefully DJ Akademiks is right on the money with this one and the Migos trio will work out their differences and perhaps even drop a song with Cardi B.