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Snoop Dogg Reveals Nipsey Hussle Wrote One Of His Classics Songs Off ‘Coolaid’

Nipsey Hussle and Snoop Dogg
Nipsey Snoop / Instagram

Snoop Dogg has a lot of respect for Nipsey Hussle’s pen game.

One of the rappers that most hip-hop fans agree was taken before his time is Nipsey Hussle. In March 2019, many fans reacted in shock when the news broke that the lyrical rapper had been gunned down in front of his own Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles.

Since his death, many more have discovered his music, and a lot of new information about his behind-the-scenes work has come to light. Recently one of the OGs of rap, Snoop Dogg, shared that his song called “Ten Toes Down” was actually written by Nipsey.

The track is off the album Coolaid album which was released in 2016 and was produced by 1500 or Nothin’s Carlos “Los” McSwain. The song samples the 2002 cult favorite Paid in Full, and at least three of the verses were written by the “Grinding All My Life” rapper.

Of course, Nipsey Hussle was known for his gritty lyrics, and he did not hold back on the track either. At one part, Snoop raps, “Real hood redemption, my tiny Lokos is really on a mission/N-ggas runnin’ they mouth, that’s unacceptable/21st Street, Long Beach ’til the death of you.”

Snoop Dogg recently remembered the track and his connection with the specially gifted rapper. He used Instagram yesterday, May 18, to let fans know about the track and their collaboration on it.

“The late great @nipseyhussle wrote this for me. 10ToesDown. Coolaid. Album,” he captioned the clip, which has since gotten over 300, 000 views. The West Coast legend played the song in the background as he enjoyed a blunt and seemed to reminisce about his time with the young rapper.

It’s common knowledge that the two were close. Something that was reflected in Snoop’s farewell speech to the rapper at his memorial service. At that time, he explained that while he did not grow up with Nipsey, he watched his rise in hip-hop and felt like he watched him grow into a man as well. He also described the late rapper as an incredible young businessman.

“I still remember the first time when he pushed up on me with his tape. Most rappers when they push up on Snoop Dogg with a tape, this is their line: ‘Aye dawg, listen to my music. I can make you a million dollars.’ Nipsey’s line was, ‘Aye homie, listen to my music. Just give it a listen,’” he also recalled.

Many fans have also noted that the two seem to resemble each other, something that Snoop has put down to the fact that they both had braids, similar body structures, and definitely had the same LA mentality. They both also have never denied their gang affiliations.

Snoop Dogg added that when they joined forces, he felt as if it was a magnet coming together. The “Gangster Zone” rapper has also described Nipsey as a kind spirit who had no problem sharing love. He also admired the fact that although he’d only recently broken into the game, he had a mentality that was stronger than a rapper that had been in the game for 15 years.

Over the course of Nipsey’s career, the two would collaborate numerous times, including some memorable hits like “Upside Down,” and “Gangstas Life.” Snoop continues to honor the fallen rapper and even penned a tribute in song last year called “Nipsey Blue” for what would have been his 35th birthday on August 15.