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Master P 10-Year Divorce Finalized As He Eyes Lakers Coach Job

Master P
Master P

Master P is finally free, single, and disengaged after he was granted bifurcation status in the divorce proceedings from his wife, Sonya Miller.

Sonya and Master P tied the knot in 1989 and have seven children together. (Master P has nine children overall). The pair first split in 2010, and Sonya later filed for divorce in 2013.

Master P had disclosed that the couple had worked out arrangements pertaining to their marriage in 2016, but it seems that these arrangements were not made known to the court, and their divorce has been in legal limbo since.

Last year, Master P finally filed to finalize the divorce and be declared legally single.

It appears that the marriage was not legally dissolved, and in the eyes of the law, they were still considered man and wife until a court declared the marriage had come to an end.

According to TMZ on Thursday (May 19), his single status was granted this week. The rapper has not commented publicly on his single status. It is also unclear if the other matters in the divorce are finalized because, according to California law, a bifurcated divorce allows the dissolution of the marriage before all other aspects of the divorce is finalized.

In an interview with Patch in 2017, Sonya had spoken about the marriage and divorce from Master P, whose name is Percy Miller, where she said she had given up her own rap career to be Mrs. Percy Miller.

She alleged that over the course of her 24-year marriage to Master P, she was cheated on and had to fend for their seven children while he continued to enjoy the high life of hip hop.

She also spoke about her journey as she moved on from the marriage and went back to college and majoring in Theatre Arts and Journalism.

She had also addressed the backlash she received after suing Master P for half of his fortune. Sonya, however, said that she helped to build Master P’s No Limit “while he ran the streets and had outside kids.”

She added that they both started No Limit Records as an extension of her parents’ business, Reflection Records, to initially fund their rap careers, and later they formed the group No Limit, where she was the first artist to be signed to the group, but she says she has not received any recognition for her contributions as she was the one who helped all of the other artists be signed.

In any case, it seems that things have become amicable between the two as Master P on the Wendy Williams show had apologized to his wife for the way she was treated in 2014 by attorneys while they hashed out the divorce matters.

Master P also has his eyes set on a new career move as the new head coach of the Lakers, who is currently struggling.