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Freddie Gibbs Face Swollen After Benny The Butcher Fight In Buffalo, Video Surfaced

Freddie Gibbs
Freddie Gibbs

The beef between Benny The Butcher and Freddie Gibbs has taken a sour turn as Freddie was reportedly attacked by associates of the Buffalo rapper, who left him bruised and swollen.

Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher have been feuding for months now as they go back and forth, dissing each other. Earlier in the year, Benny trolled Freddie, whom he said begged him to do an album.

“Y’all see these Rap n***as on my d*ck. Same Rap n***as begged me to do an album… tell you some sh*t, make you look at a n***a different. F*** them p***ies”.

Freddie had denied the claim and even claimed that Benny was robbed in Houston. Freddie has continued to diss Benny, even releasing a diss track.

Benny’s fans and associates are not here for the feud as they reportedly jumped the rapper and even took his chain, an eyewitness claims.

Photos of Freddie’s face show the extent of the beatdown he received on Saturday while in Buffalo, New York, for a performance.

An artist named Tory Rogers from Benny’s hometown Buffalo, New York, claimed to have seen the beatdown.

“Freddie Gibbs get beat up and his chain took.” He shared on Twitter that “It was bad.”

“Video coming soon chain gone.” Wack 100 also confirmed that the chain was taken.

Freddie Gibbs seemed fine on Saturday night at an event he was performing at. He, however, appeared worse for wear as he sported a swollen eye, and his face appeared to be swollen in other places. The rapper can be seen wearing a balaclava mask to hide his injuries which are evident from side angles as caught by a photographer.

It’s unclear what started the beef between the two rappers, but Freddie has denied that his chain was taken, a screenshot of a text conversation reportedly shows.

Gibbs has been quiet on Twitter, where he actively trolls other rappers, including Benny and his longtime nemesis, DJ Akademiks. The podcaster has since react to the reports via Instagram saying, “#freddiegibbs caught another case of the lumps after beefin with Benny the butcher and going to Buffalo thinking it’s sweet. Gotta give freddie credit tho.. he performed even tho his face was severely lumped up.”

As for what might have led to the feud, there are speculations that Benny dissed Freddie when he said a collaboration with Freddie “came and went” in an interview.

Neither Benny nor Freddie have addressed the latest development of their feud, but fans of Benny shared their reactions to the assault.

“Freddie Gibbs bold as hell doing a show tonight in Buffalo like Benny the Butcher don’t live there,” one person had tweeted right before Freddie was jumped.

“HAHAHAHA FREDDIE GIBBS BUMPED INTO BENNY THE BUTCHER AND GOT HIS CHAINS SNATCHED…He also apparently called the police about it so when Gunna gets out he has some fun jokes to make,” another person said, referencing Gunna and Freddie’s feud in which the latter called Gunna a snitch for calling the police for help when his cousin was killed.