Kendrick Lamar Addresses Drake, Kanye West, R. Kelly & Kyrie Irving On Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar ruffles some feathers with his new album.

Most hip-hop fans agree that Kendrick Lamar‘s latest album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers was well worth the wait. The rapper, who is known for his provocative lyrics, certainly delivered as he addressed several social issues in a most entertaining way.

Fans had an inkling that this one would be loaded with conscientious and thought-provoking lyrics after he dropped “The Heart Part 5.” The video for that track looks set to break some YouTube records as well. Since its release a few days ago, it already has over 21 million views and over 100,000 comments.

The double album, which dropped today, May 13, touches on many different challenges that the black community is currently facing and includes some hot topics at the moment, like Kyrie Irving’s anti-vaxx position as well as Drake and Kanye West‘s reunion.

In part two of the album in the track, “Savior,” he addresses the ongoing pandemic and how many people, including stars, reacted to Covid-19 vaccines. In particular, he questions those who have a social responsibility as many look to them for guidance, like NBA star Kyrie Irving.

Kendrick Lamar also speaks about the portion of Christians who refused the vaccine over religious beliefs while revealing in the process that he was infected with COVID.

“Seen a Christian say the vaccine mark of the beast/Then he caught COVID and prayed to Pfizer for relief/Then I caught COVID and started to question Kyrie/Will I stay organic or hurt in this bed for two weeks?” he rapped.

The Brooklyn Nets star was left out of Nets’ home games at the Barclays Center because of his refusal to get vaccinated. At the time, according to New York City law, no one could enter the building without being vaccinated as it had been declared a safe zone.

Kendrick Lamar also gets into other political and racial issues on the track and is ably assisted by Baby Keem and singer Sam Dew, as he urges listeners to understand that he and other public figures are not their saviors. He includes some other public figures like LeBron James, Future, and J. Cole to emphasize his point.

In two other tracks, namely, “We Cry Together” and “Mr. Morale,” he touches on a topic that many other artists have shied away from, and that topic is R. kelly’s fall from grace. In “We Cry Together,” he and the featured rapper, Taylour Paige, create a domestic argument where they go back and forth trying to get under the other’s skin.

At one point, Paige shouts, “You the reason Harvey Weinstein had to see his conclusion / You the reason R. Kelly can’t recognize that he’s abusive.” To which Kendrick responds: “Man, shut the f**k up, we all know you still playin’ his music.” An apt presentation of the conflict that many of Kelly’s once-loyal fans now face.

That is just one minor highlight of the track that brilliantly represents what modern-day domestic issues look like between a couple. The lyrics revolve around their spat and give a real insight into the struggles that some couples face.

The once renowned R&B star remains behind bars after he was found guilty of sexual abuse charges, including sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children.

K-Dot once again goes in on Kelly in “Mr. Morale” when he spits: “I think about Robert Kelly / If he weren’t molested, I wonder if life’ll fail him.” The track also makes mention of Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry as he expertly raises some societal concerns.

No one was spared in the rapper’s latest work, and fans are here for it.