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Ray J Reveals Real Reason He Stopped Dating Kim Kardashian

Ray J Kim Kardashian
Ray J, Kim Kardashian

Ray J opens up about the real reason he stopped dating Kim Kardashian after their relationship went up in smoke.

Ray J is fed up with the Kardashians constantly talking about the sex tape with him and her almost 20 years ago.

In a recent interview where he dragged Kim Kardashian for making up lies about him having a sex tape, the rapper not only discloses that Kim has all of the sex tapes and that he was never in possession of them, but he also discloses the real reason behind him and her breaking up.

A lot has happened in the last 20 years with Kim marrying two more times and having four kids with her third husband, Kanye West, while Ray J also got married to Princess Love and has two children.

However, Ray J says he dropped Kim because she and her sister Khloe Kardashian stole from his family.

In a Daily Mail article, he claimed that he stopped “sleeping around” with Kim after his family sued Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian for allegedly spending over $120,000 on her credit card between 2006 – 2007.

“Apart from them stealing money from my family, we would probably still be together now,” the singer said as he pointed out he was turned off by her behavior when the allegations first surfaced.

“But when that happened, I said I don’t want to be sleeping around with you no more – you stole money from my family. So that’s why we stopped speaking.” He said.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

In 2008, his mother, Sonja Norwood, and his sister, singer Brandy, filed a lawsuit claiming that the trio used Sonja’s American Express card and racked up a large debt.

According to the lawsuit, Kim was working as a stylist for Brandy in 2004 and was only authorized to make one purchase on the credit card. However, they accused her of allowing her two siblings to use the card to purchase goods from their own Kardashian-owned clothing stores, Dash and Smooch, racking up a $120,636 debt.

Reports on the lawsuit suggested that it was settled with the Kardashians repaying the debt to the Norwoods.

Meantime, the Kardashians have not reacted or responded to Ray’s claims which also included an allegation that Kris Jenner, who is Kim’s mother, was the one who brokered a deal with Vivid Entertainment to distribute their sex tape and milk it out of every penny it can get.

Since the sex tape, Kim has gone on to change her image and rebrand herself as a social justice advocate on her way to studying to becoming an attorney and a successful businesswoman, and she was even listed as a Forbes billionaire for the first time last year.

Ray J, on the other hand, has not enjoyed the same financial success as Kim Kardashian, with his music career petering out and he and Princess being involved in reality series production. He complained bitterly about the Kardashians continuing to benefit from the sex tape and getting good publicity even in a new Kardashian reality series on Hulu while he was painted as a villain for allegedly leaking the sex tape, which he says was not the case as they all planned to release the tape and even signed agreements to do so.