Spice Condemns JDF Soldiers Beating Pregnant Woman In Viral Video


Spice joins a lot of Jamaicans in comdemning a JDF soldier seen in a video using his weapon to hit a pregnant woman.

Queen of the Dancehall, Spice is condemning Jamaica Defence Force soldiers for the way they treated women protesters during a stand-off on Wednesday in Kingston, Jamaica.

Reposting a video, Spice called out the soldiers as she pointed out that she was careful not to repost content that showed her island home in a bad light.

“I’m always very careful with certain videos that I post from my country because I hate to showcase Jamaica in a negative light on my platform, yes I obviously see that this woman was upset about whoever was in the Jeep, but these Soldiers should learn to subdue without brutal force,” Spice lamented.

“These soldiers who was beating this woman with the riffle gun should be ASHAMED of themselves, what a disgrace to your, Mother, sisters or daughters if any STOP TREATING GHETTO PEOPLE THIS WAY,” she added.

Many of Spice’s fans were quick to disagree with her as they pointed out that there was a longer video that showed more details that the woman was at fault.

“Me no business weh nobody wah say dem fe stop put them hand pon law enforcement unnu love protect ee likkle bad boii dem kmt,” one fan commented.

Another shared support for the soldiers.

“Wi cyaan get up everyday and complain bout crime and violence and when law enforcement a do them work all wi do is condemn dem. Di ooman WRONG PERIOD!!! It would be a sad day in Jamaica for law abiding citizens when criminals realize them can have the soldiers dem like eediat. COME THRU SOJIE,” the fan commented.

“I can’t side with her on this, she was wrong. Lowe dem mek dem duh dem work. Fight it in court,” another person said.

“Ghetto people this and ghetto people that, ghetto people fi know dem self and have respect and stop gwaan like dem bigger than the law. They would never treat their gun man friend like this create such chaos when gunman in their community. Everybody love bad man and hate police and soldier. Dem fi gweh,” another person said.

Meanwhile, the JDF, in a statement, said that an investigation has been launched into the incident which took place in Denham Town, Kingston. The JDF said that the confrontation happened on Wednesday involving soldiers at a checkpoint in the Denham Town Zone of Special Operation.

The woman reacting in the video is seen confronting a soldier while distracting them from the men taken in the jeep. The men in the jeep then join the confrontation as things get out of control.

Spice has since deleted the clip from her Instagram.