Shenseea Unfollow Tory Lanez Out of Respect For Megan Thee Stallion Amid Backlash

Megan Thee Stallion Shenseea
Megan Thee Stallion & Shenseea

Shenseea is catching some heat from Megan Thee Stallion after she started following Tory Lanez.

On Monday, after Megan Thee Stallion’s bombshell interview with Gayle King was aired. Some of the Houston rapper’s fans quickly noticed that her friend and collaborator Shenseea was following Tory Lanez on Instagram. The backlash was swift, and the dancehall star quickly hit the unfollow button.

Some damage was already done, but in her defense, Shenseea says she had no idea when the following happened despite some fans accusing her of following Tory Lanez right after the interview aired.

“Let me just unfollow out of RESPECT for another woman though I really cant remember when or howww that follow happened honey lol,” Shenseea tweeted on Monday.

“In the future, bullying me does not work. I will literally stand against the world for fun. Thanks for bringing sh*t to my attention tho. Have a nice day, Y’all tried it!” she added in another tweet.

Shenseea previously praises Megan Thee Stallion for being a genuine friend.

While promoting her debut album Alpha last month, the dancehall princess was in the building at Power 106 Los Angeles, chopping it up with the duo of Just Incredible and DJ Sour Milk. Both parties wanted some insight on her latest musical offering, her being Grammy-nominated, as well as how she felt about collaborating with hip-hop heavyweight Megan Thee Stallion.

Shenseea expressing both her excitement and surprise at being nominated for arguably music’s biggest and most coveted award, especially since she has not yet released an album. “It feels different honestly because I didn’t see it coming just yet. It’s kind of hard to believe but then again I’ve been putting in the work and it is showing so that in itself is a great feeling,” she stated.

She then shared her thoughts about working on “Lick” with Megan and the unique connection they made right off the bat. She chronicled how she met Megan at one of Megan’s parties and how she then sent her the song the following night. “I just knew the song was for her. We were in the studio and I was like it definitely needs a female rapper on it and then the next day I met her for the first time and then the following day I had something to give to her. It was like boom. And she didn’t take no time to send it back to me,” Shenseea divulged.

When one of the hosts talked about how the media often tries to pit females artistes against each other or how some superstars may be threatened or feel that another woman is coming for their spot, Shenseea said she is well aware that though people may be cool and cordial to you, they do not necessarily have any genuine love for you. Hence you have to be careful and protect your space. “Females will say ‘big up Shenseea’ but sometimes you can tell the difference when it is just professionally being done from when it is genuine. Megan? Genuine. 100%. I feel like she is the only female artiste that I have felt that from. She was like I really respect your music. She is a genuine person.”

Shenseea also spoke about working with Tyga, Offset, and 21 Savage on her album and how she is about to shoot the video for her track with 21 Savage. “Alpha” she elaborated, speaks to her dominant personality and how she has always marched to the beat of her own drum, despite what others, including the naysayers, may feel.

“It’s my first,” she said. “It’s just me. I have always been the person who if everybody is going this way, I’m going that way and I will meet up with you at the end. It’s just my mentality. If I see everybody doing one thing I’m gonna try to set myself apart and I believe that in itself makes me a leader.”

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Megan Thee Stallion fans are still going in on Shenseea on Twitter, but we should point out that neither she nor Tory Lanez are following each other.