NBA Youngboy Shares “I’m hurting and tired” Ahead Of Federal Gun Trial

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy has some fans worried after sharing a cryptic message alluding to his mental health.

“I’m hurting and tired,” YoungBoy wrote. This is a simple but powerful message from rapper NBA YoungBoy who reached out to fans on Wednesday, sharing that he presently has a lot on his plate. Indeed the 22-year-old, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden, has legal troubles, relationship, and emotional challenges that may be a lot for his young shoulders to handle currently.

The short caption to the post also read, “I hope you okay. Thank you for supporting me,” and attached was the post of the four words typed in white on a simple black backdrop. The message is somewhat cryptic, but fans, friends, and colleagues are hoping that what he was feeling is just him being in a mood or a funk that he will soon shake off.

Gaulden is known for not holding back in expressing his emotions not only through his music but also his appearance as several times he has shared on social media that he is comfortable wearing makeup, primarily black and white, as the goth look is one that he finds comfort in because it allows him to be himself. In an interview with DJ Akademiks, the Baton Rouge artiste admitted that wearing makeup makes him feel good about himself.

“I like doing my face, I like painting my face or putting makeup on,” YoungBoy said about wearing makeup. “I like to look in the mirror and see everything black, my eyes and sh*t. That’s 100 percent real. That’s me being myself. I feel comfortable in a way.”

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With eight children from multiple baby mothers, he is juggling that enormous responsibility, fighting between some of his children’s mothers as Yaya had sent one of his other baby mamas to the hospital and had to plead guilty to aggravated assault.

Additionally, he has his federal trial for a gun case that is scheduled for May 16. With all that and an upcoming album to also drop later this year, it is no wonder that the “It Ain’t Over” entertainer may be struggling and feeling overwhelmed.

Fans of the “Til Death Call My Name” artiste are understandably concerned after his post was re-shared countless times on social media. They rallied around him with words of inspiration and comfort as they reassured him that whatever he is going through, it too shall eventually pass.

A fan commented, “Everything’s gone be alright bro. I’m sending love.” Another tried to cheer him up with, “My poor baby, bless his heart. Anybody else would collapse under the pressure he’s under. Keep strong bro,” while another shared, “As much as I don’t like his music, it still hurts to know that he’s feeling this. Prayers up.”

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