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Drake Follows Girl Who Went Viral For Rapping Lil Baby’s “Wants & Needs” Iconic Verse


Imagine getting a follow from Drake on Instagram.

Hip-hop fans would surely remember Drake and Lil Baby‘s “Wants And Needs,” which they dropped last year at a time when fans were looking for good music as the pandemic waged on. The track grew in popularity over the summer, and that is evidenced by the YouTube likes on the video, which has crossed 16 million since its release.

The track appeared on Drake’s Scary Hours II which was used to help bridge the gap until his next album, Certified Lover Boy.

As the song continues to grow in popularity, IG user @brooklyn.staggss went viral after she flawlessly rapped a verse from Baby, which really impressed fans. The video was first uploaded to TikTok before making its way onto Twitter and catching fans’ eyes earlier this week.

It’s probably one of the reasons that she has close to 30,000 followers on Tik Tok. After that, she soon became a trending topic, and now it seems that popularity has led her to get a big endorsement from the OVO boss. It seems that the “Wants and Needs” rapper is now following her on Instagram as the video continues to gain traction.

Brooklyn is no stranger to viral fame and is mostly known for her lip-syncing talents. In one of her most popular videos on Tik Tok, she is seen lip-syncing the lyrics to King Von’s “Welcome To The O.” That one got her over 35,000 likes.

She may be on to a promising career if Drake is following her now, and some fans are wondering if she may even get a debut with her own rap song soon.

The thoroughly entertaining video that was posted on her Instagram page, which she captioned, “I’m screaming out yolo,” has already gotten over 43,000 likes. Her fans were also happy for her, like this one who said, “Yessss when you get your tickets for his concert let me know I wanna be in your section sissss,” and this one who chimed in, “Killin it with the bud light in her hand u can kick it come to any cookout babyyyyy.”

She may be one to look out for, as sometimes all it takes to get your career going is the right followers.