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6ix9ine Punched In The Head At Miami Nightclub After Running With Lil Durk Look-A-Like


6ix9ine gets punched in the head as he made his way out of a Miami nightclub last night a day after his running with Lil Durk look-a-like.

A video has been shared online with the controversial rapper seen leaving a Miami club when a man comes out of nowhere and punches him in the back of his head. 6ix9ine confirmed the punch but seems he shrugged it off to take pics with fans.

According to TMZ, the video is from inside the Pilos Tacos Tequilla Garden in Miami as the rapper was leaving around 2 AM. The video shows Tekashi being escorted by security and other members of his team when a man comes in between him and the security and sucker punch him from behind.

The grainy video does not clearly show where the punch landed, but it seemed to connect somewhere between his head and shoulders.

The guy who threw the punch immediately runs away and has not been arrested.

In the meantime, TMZ shared a quote from 6ix9ine, who confirmed that he was hit. “He scuffed my shoulder by my neck. He also connected with the shoulder of my security guard,” the Brooklyn rapper says.

He added, “I didn’t know this guy. There was no prior dispute.”

The rapper also confirmed that he was at the venue for an appearance and performed one song. It’s unclear what that song was, but the rapper has been taking shots at various people in the past few days with his new song “GINE”.

Even though he was hit, it seems that fans were happy to see the rapper, who did not appear jolted by the attack and instead was seen signing autographs outside the club.

6ix9ine has been making a lot of people angry as he instigates beef among rappers and has even taken jabs at Lil Durk and the late King Von.

He has also challenged 42 Dugg to a boxing match after Dugg called him out for setting up Lil Durk lookalike Perkio days before.

The rapper has been called a “rat” and a “snitch” by many rappers and industry people for his role in a 2019 Racketeering trial that sent Nine Trey Gangsters to jail in 2020.

He also copped a short prison sentence that was partially a home confinement sentence due to a plea deal for cooperating with authorities.

He’s now returning to the social media scene and promoting new music as well as instigating new beef with other rappers in the process.