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Pusha T Breaks Silence On Drake Sneak Diss On Jack Harlow’s Leaked Song

Pusha T Drake
Pusha, T Drake

Pusha T breaks his silence on the latest Drake diss on a leaked Jack Harlow song.

Whichever way you want to serve it, beef seems to constantly be on the musical menu in hip hop and dancehall lately. The latest feud surrounds Drake’s verse in a leaked Jack Harlow track where he seemingly take a few shots at Pusha T. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper is now reacting to it saying that while he is not feeling it, he is also not overly bothered by its impact.

Although fans had hoped that the bad blood between the two would have died a natural death with time, with a new track, it has flared again courtesy of Jack Harlow’s newly leaked song a few weeks ago. The track features Drake, who took shots at Pusha T. The track, some may argue, was entirely subliminal, but fans were still attempting to decipher some of its meaning.

Promoting his new album “It’s Almost Dry”, Pusha T recently appeared on The Breakfast Club to talk music and also address the issue of the supposed Drake diss, which he said is not a real concern as the bars spat in the song have no real impact or weight behind them. “Man, you know what? I think like I heard that and it sounds old to me. Like the flow sounds old. And then it’s like, even what is the considered like the shot. It’s like bro, after what I’ve done, like the middles man talk and all that type of talk. That’s not scathing for me. I’m here to like, burn down everything,” he stated.

The delivery, he said, was not forceful enough to warrant a response from him. Pusha T, whose given name is Terrence Thornton, is not a rapper who deals with thinly veiled threats or innuendos. Indeed the 44-year-old New York native shared that if he was to reciprocate with his own diss track, he would be laser-sharp with lyrics that would hurt feelings and cut to the core, noting, “I’m not subliminal with nobody today. From the sound of it, it just sounds old to me. It’s not like fresh.”

A rapper since the mid-1990s, Pusha T initially gained a steady following after the formation of the hip-hop duo Clipse, which he established alongside his brother, rapper, No Malice. By 2010 he had signed up under Kanye West’s ‘Good Music’ banner and later that year was featured on West’s hit single “Runaway,” which went all the way to the number twelve position on the Billboard Hot 100.