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Nicki Minaj Reacts To Rubi Rose Shade With Bars From “We Go Up” With Fivio Foreign

Nicki Minaj Rubi Rose
Nicki Minaj, Rubi Rose

Nicki Minaj seemingly reacts to Rubi Rose shade in her recent interview.

Note to up-and-coming artistes: avoid all unnecessary beef and backlash by not mentioning other artists’ names, as you do not want the smoke that comes along with that fire. Rapper Rubi Rose drew a lot of heat for mentioning rap queen Nicki Minaj during a recent interview she did on the Big Facts podcast, and the Barbz were not having it, and they let her know that they felt she was shading the “Anaconda” rapper.

24-year-old Rose, who was christened Rubi Rose Benton, is a rapper and songwriter who first got noticed as a model in hip-hop group Migos’ hit music video “Bad and Boujee.” She later made an appearance in the 2020 smash single “WAP” by Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. In a recent interview, she was asked about her dating criteria, and she mentioned that ideally, she desired a man who made way more money than she did. “I want to date a man who makes preferably more money than me. If they don’t, we can work it out,” she stated.

She went on to share that the lucky gentleman should bring home the bacon at least near to what she is bringing to the table, adding, “I will help of course but I don’t want to be the man in the relationship. But I will, I see Nicki Minaj is happy.”

Minaj has been married to Kenneth Petty since 2019 and has a son born a year later. Unlike her previous relationships with high-profile artistes like Nas, Safaree Samuels, and Meek Mill, Petty had no celebrity status or millions.

The shade thrown was glaring, but Rubi Rose was quick to clarify her statement saying, “Aht Aht! I didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way at all. I was just saying you can be happy with a man who makes less than you. I’ll say Britney Spears next time.”

Though some chock it up to her being young and not media-savvy enough to know how to select her words more carefully, many fans were not so quick to let her off of the hook. One commented, “Nicki Minaj has been richer than every man she’s dated. Nick always got them backpedaling. That’s why she don’t give dem features. Y’all be burning bridges left and right,” while another chimed, “Girl you didn’t have to add nobody’s name. Nobody forced you. You’ve been felt that way. Next time how about no examples. Speak on you and you only. People say putting their foot in their mouths.”

Nicki Minaj has seemingly react to the controversy by using her lyrics from her song “We Go Up” with Fivio Foreign. “I’m bout to make you regret you chose me as an enemy b**ch,” she wrote.