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Benzino Wants A Collab Project With Coi Leray Despite Diss Song

Benzino Coi Leray
Benzino, Coi Leray

Benzino says a collab project with his daughter Coi Leray would be a hit.

Benzino released a track called “Zino Vs. the Planet,” where he claps back at 50 Cent while also addressing his daughter Coi Leray who has claimed that he is bitter and evil.

The former Love and Hip Hop star has been feuding with 50 Cent after the rapper trolled him over his alleged relationship with Shauna Brooks, a trans woman whose videos were shared on the internet, causing people to speculate that they were dating.

Benzino and his daughter have also had a rocky relationship over the years. She claims he threatened her mother because she didn’t want to do reality tv after Coi Leray claimed that she and her mother struggled after the Source went down because Benzino had no money.

Benzino has been responding to all of his critics, including his daughter, to whom he posted cryptic and subliminal posts. He accused her of being part of the “social generation” who has no respect for their elders.

In the new song, he insists that he loves his daughter and urges her not to listen to people on the internet. However, Benzino directed his acrimony at 50 Cent during most of the song, where he speaks about the first time he helped the rapper who was stabbed.

“50 keep it a hunnid/ I helped you when they jumped you/ I should have let them ghost you just like Kanan when they slumped you.”

He previously spoke about his first interaction with 50 when he helped to save the rapper’s life.

“When I first met 50, you know what I’m saying, this was when he got stabbed up at the radio station. … He got stabbed up at the Hit Factory on 54th Street, the big studio that everybody was going to. … He’s bleeding on the side from getting stabbed, okay?” he said. “He had no money.”

The other part of the song seems to reiterate that he was rich when he had The Source, even though Coi has laid that claim to rest on her Breakfast Show interview last week.

In the meantime, Benzino tweeted that he has no issie with his daughter and would want to work on a project with her.

“Man listen..if me and my daughter Coi did a project right now y’all mfs would be in trouble. Big Faxx #zinovstheplanet,” he tweeted.

“To all u weirdo mfs who like to throw shade at me about MY daughter understand this, she’s MY DAUGHTER, I made her, raised her, love her & proud of everything she’s doing. Y’all just met her, I’ve known CC my whole life. So keep supporting her because if she’s wins, then I WON,” he added in another tweet.