Nicki Minaj Shares Which Skeng Song Is Her New Favorite Dancehall Banger

Nicki Minaj Skeng
Nicki Minaj, Skeng

Nicki Minaj’s recent endorsement of Skeng’s “Street Cred” is being welcomed by the artist and his team.

Nicki Minaj on Sunday shared a video of herself vibing to the song, which led to much adoration by her Jamaican fans and fans of Skeng.

In the video posted on Sunday on her Instagram account, she is seen singing along to the lyrics of the hit song.

Dancehall fans immediately reacted as they called for a collaboration between the two artists. It’s not the first time that Minaj has shown appreciation for Jamaican music and culture, as she often speaks a version of Patois common among Diaspora Jamaicans and has always shown love for the Caribbean island.

She has also collaborated with several artists for decades leading to successful cross-over careers for many like Mavado and Skillibeng. Her collaboration with the latter was for their “crocodile teeth” remix that gave Skillibeng his first Billboard hit and was the catapult that led to his entry into the U.S market and later a deal with major record label RCA.

Minaj’s power as an artist is proven and tested as most new artists she collaborates with end up getting their first No. 1 hits with her, such as Bia, Fivio Foreign, Coi Leray, Doja Cat, and others whose first Billboard Hot 100 major hit is credited to her.

The music producer for Skeng’s “Street Cred” is hopeful that Nicki Minaj might collaborate with the artist.

Producer DiTruth Records says the song, which speaks to having grimy street cred, is something Minaj can relate to with her own music, which she often speaks of growing up in Jamaica, Queens.

Co-producer Shacko DiTruth shared his excitement at seeing the artist’s video lip-syncing their song.

“I feel great fi know seh a Nicki dat and Nicki dem global,” Shacko DiTruth said. “She a play Skeng is a good look, no joke.”

Nicki Minaj, who tagged Skeng, has also opened the artist to her large cultish fan base called ‘the Barbs.’

The producers Shacko DiTruth and Buddah DiTruth say a remix would be welcomed.

“But we also a look forward to doing new work, new collaborations same way with Skeng and Nicki, a different rhythm and everything. We’re open to a collab still fi a remix to Street Cred if that’s the case, but we’d really would like to do fresh work,” he said.

DiTruth has been working with many young artists like Jahshii and Skeng, whom he shares has been among his day one artists.

“We’ve been a work together from before music,” he said. “But when we start music, long before we did even known by anybody at all, mi and the dog been a do music together, so, it’s like as Skeng grow, we grow too,” he said.

Skeng has not reacted to Minaj’s video as yet, but he has been on tour with the United Kingdom with Govana.