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The Game Says 50 Cent Not On His Level Why He Challenged Eminem To Verzuz

The Game
The Game

The Game explains why he shun 50 Cent is not a good enough rapper to challenge to a Verzuz battle so he turned his attention to Eminem.

The Game is not dropping his claim that he’s a better rapper than Eminem. While his claims which he first made on Drink Champs, have been met with divided opinion from fans, he’s doubling down that if the two ever go head to head, he would beat the “Rap God” rapper.

In his latest rounds of claims which have seen him getting the media spotlight, The Game once again reiterated that he’s better than Eminem and that he’s not backing down from the claim. To prove his statements, he’s once again thrown down the gauntlet hoping for a head-to-head clash.

This time he issued the battle call during a recent appearance on Uproxx’s Fresh Pair with Katty Customs and Just Blaz. According to him, hip-hop aficionados are angry because they don’t want to see real talent blossom. As he put it during the interview, “people don’t want you to believe that you’re not better than people.”

To help him illustrate his point, The Game used Kobe Bryant as an example, saying that while all the experts were comparing Micheal Jordan and Kobe, the now-deceased basketball legend always considered himself to be his own type of star on the court.

The Los Angeles rapper also explained that he was calling out Em because he really wanted to challenge him and hip-hop in the process. His hope is that it would spark some sort of revolution in rap where emcees return to the mike to spit their best lyrics. It was in no way intended to start any gang or street war, he continued.

While explaining his reasoning, he also admitted that he does think that Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time. The “Hate It or Love It” rapper added that a lot of Eminem’s success comes from his affiliation with Interscope and Aftermath.

“At one point in my career, I thought that Em was better than Jay just based off of ‘Renegade’ because The Source magazine said Eminem got Jay on that verse,” he added as he tried to further explain his reasoning.

When asked why he’s only chosen to call out Eminem, The Game responded with some pretty controversial statements as he said that there was pretty much no one else in the industry on his level, including 50 Cent. He said that for him, “50 can’t rap.”

That’s why in issuing his challenge, he had to go after another great rapper and lyricist like himself. The “How We Do” rapper is prepared to stand by his claim even if the master troller, Fifty, comes for him because he’s not afraid of the social media side of any beef. He added that if it came down to a war of rap between him and the New York native, there was simply no way that Fifty could win.

The Game laid even more into 50 Cent, as he said fans should go ahead and give him dead flowers since his success has come from his lucrative television deals and not from his rap career.

“When it comes to rap, [50 Cent] can’t out rap me. So, your buddy can rap, though. Nobody really takes shots at Eminem off this preconceived notion that he’s better than everybody. Well, I want action and I want it today,” he continued.

He once again used the opportunity to try and call out Em, saying that if he is indeed the “Rap God”, he has the responsibility to respond since a God controls everything, and the only way he can prove he has those skills is by controlling The Game.